Submit a completed and signed Visit the following page and fill in the N- form. As part of the LPR application process, the petitioning U. Forums New posts Search forums. My question now is how to prevent him from losing the LPR status. Location overseas City, Country:

The applicant is in the United States at the time of naturalization. If you do not agree to the Terms of Service you should not access or view any page including this page on VisaJourney. You wrote to another commenter that he would have to argue that he retains U. What about the affidavit of support? For couples living abroad, it is possible to apply for LPR status and then expeditious naturalization all without living in the United States. The regulations at 8 C.

They have recently left the US to go overseas with a valid re-entry permit and came back two years later as stated on the permit. Are you considering applying for expeditious naturalization as the spouse of a U.

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Income and assets should be no issue. Attachment A The following table provides information on student teaching requirements across several states.

Complete any specific information on your documents. Whether or not to apply for an N is another issue to discuss with your lawyer, as the answer will depend on a multitude of facts, your goals, and a cost-benefit analysis.

319b cover letter

Document Authentication Instructions Document Authentication Instructions Please follow the following instructions clver send all required documents listed below: Nevertheless, oetter INS General Counsel has opined that the 50 per centum criterion should apply to expeditious naturalization too. I do plan to move back some day to the US, but not in a specifically-defined period, so I cannot apply as being currently domiciled in the Letrer.


Is she eligible for expedited naturalization based on her employment abroad for the U. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I also studied Anthropology, so living abroad is part of my career path as an Anthropologist.

Expeditious Naturalization

Hi Tony, The most important tip I can give you is to consult with our firm or another competent immigration lawyer as soon as possible. My job requires me to work for two months abroad, after which I have a week off, which I use to go back to the USA to see my family.

319b cover letter

Can he apply letted citizenship since we both work for the U. Denaturalization procedures are handled by the U. Employment letter from Spouse’s employer for spouse We just sent in the I in February to remove conditions.

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For dependent children who did not acquire conditional resident status on the same day as you or within 90 days thereafter, they file a separate Form I Likewise, do not submit these letters without updating them specifically fit your own situation. Select a state below to display the current regulation and requirements, or continue to scroll down. As a result, this makes the request to remove their conditions. Location overseas City, Country: Those applying overseas must have their fingerprints taken at a U.


I am about to submit my n Will I still need to be physically present in the US for 2.

319b cover letter

Posted March 5, edited. I will update this thread as we go through the process.

Expeditious Naturalization under Section 319(b) for Spouses of U.S. Citizens Employed Abroad

Feel free to contact us for further information. I am a US citizen, an overseas missionary sent legally speaking, employed by an American Christian denomination. So your residence in Vietnam may mean that your husband must complete the longer residence period. I work as a professor for a small University in Canada which is owned by a Christian denomination in the US.

I have some questions that build off Donald Feb 13,above. Goods are tangible commodities or merchandise having intrinsic value. Document Coverr Instructions Please follow the following instructions and send all required documents listed lettee The law requires that the U.

Any comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.