Bitmap vs Vector 2 Vector Home Page Second nature 0. Introduction – Pet Rescue 2. Penguin drawing Web Design At this stage students would be expected to be working at two grades below their end of Year 11 MEG. Build a Computer Britain’s Got Talent

Types and components of computer systems. At the end of year 8 students will be given a level based on their progress on all three stands over the two years. In Year 7 students are divided into sets based on their literacy ability. Searching and sorting a database. Convert from string to float. Penguin drawing Web Design

Networks and the effects of using them. The effects of using ICT. Design a Bitmap Competition.

Create a User Interface Advanced databases Formatting the DIV Tag. Write an Andorid App. Self Directed Learning project: Networks and the effects of using them Transferring vector graphics coursewkrk Creating the booklet Storage devices and media Lichtenstein Pop Art Analysis of survey results 3. Analysis of survey results. Create a User Interface.


Key Stage 4

Evaluation 2 Theory At the end of year 7 students will be given a level based on progress made so far across the three strands. Safety and security A combination of all three is good!

a453 computing coursework

Creating a website 03a. Repeating Patterns – Phone Background Students have been assessed using extended learning and end of unit assessments. Cat and Dog Game. Create HTML5 template 2.

A Controlled Coursework – Computing at St. Ninian’s High School

Year 10 – OCR Computing. Moving A Sprite 3a. Which is better for logo design? How to plan a presentation 3.

Crawdale Summer Sports 4. Number of characters in a string. Sports shop logo e. Create your site 2. Scripting slide shows 6.

a453 computing coursework

Britain’s Got Talent Students have been assessed using extended learning, Cambridge Nationals unit compting past papers and controlled assessment coursework outcomes completed to date. Add a Data Entry Form. Text Codes 1 Codes 2