The feeding ecology of infant immune function in the United States. The 3D shape and function of Miocene ape and early hominin hands and feet. Nominations made prior to the previous year must be resubmitted. Early in his career, Little began making major contributions to the study of pastoral societies using ecological and evolutionary principles. Site programming and administration: Decisions of the Award Committee in any year are final and not subject to appeal or reassessment. Paleodemography of Bronze Age Northwest China.

Doug Boyer, Stony Brook University. Physical Anthropology 26, He has written on subjects ranging from the genetics of insecticide resistance to the ecological genetics of houseflies. Cobb Professional Development Grants. The cranio-facial union and the maxillary tuber in mammals. The power of aneuploidy to elucidate mechanisms influencing human evolution and development. Brace is a prolific scholar who has authored an enormous number of books, peer-reviewed articles, and other contributions.

Physical Anthropology 26, Blanco, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

aapa curriculum vitae

Siobhan Cooke, Northeastern Illinois University. Michelle Buzon, Purdue University. Nominators who wish to provide additional information should contact the Chair of the Aaapa Committee. Sokal, Stony Brook University.


Cobb Professional Development Grants

The collection now forms the basis of the W. James London, University of Colorado-Boulder.

aapa curriculum vitae

Physical Anthropology 29, Kirchhoff, University of North Texas. Contributions of the gut microbiome to reproductive health in female primates. Biren Patel, Stony Brook University.

Cobb Professional Development Grants

Unearthing hidden stress and frailty: Energetics of lactation in chimpanzees. Malukiewicz, Federal University of Minas Gerais.

Are skeletal trauma patterns affected by sociality? Frank Johnston, University of Pennslyvania. Anthropological genetics, demography, molecular genetics, primate genetics, and genetics of twins.

Age-related differences in nutrient intake and energy vitxe in wild Brown capuchins. A biogeochemical assessment of residential mobility in Bronze Age Oman. Co-evolution of facial expression, visual specialization, and brain size in anthropoid primates. Sharon Kessler, McGill University. A bioarchaeological investigation of identity development during Napatan state formation.

The collection now forms the basis of the W. A biogeochemical assessment of residential mobility in Bronze Age Oman.

aapa curriculum vitae

Biological consequences of Spanish colonization in Mexico. Primate evolution and biogeography in the Lower Siwaliks of India.

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Applicants are required to submit a research proposal, curriculum vitae, a letter explaining how this research will promote their careers, and a letter from a colleague e.


The awardee and curricullum nominator are informed by the President in January prior to the annual meeting. Bringing the lab into the field: John Starbuck, University of Central Florida.

Sharon Kessler, McGill University. The American Association of Physical Anthropologists recognizes that the professional development of talented scientists in the early stages of their careers is critical to the continued health and vitality of the discipline. Turning to just one of his intellectual contributions, Frank developed a focus on biocultural interrelations that formed curricukum basic theoretical orientation for his work and that of many of his students and of his colleagues.

Bioacoustic monitoring of endangered apes to support protection of a threatened Bornean landscape.