I became so fond of spending my time and allowance on computer games that I ended up missing trainings and practices. I drown in the sunsets and slumber to see the dawn. I felt something I never imagined I could, a feeling that grew and grew changing me for the better and for the worse. Do you by any chance rememberthe essay question during the exam day? Email required Address never made public.

School , good personal. I discovered that I could play the piano, I was able to express myself in the music that I make and it was the outlet of my feelings. Life taught me to hold on and to believe in something even though the odds are against me. I am in love. When I entered high school, I expected everything to be fun and carefree, but I was wrong. These people are and were my classmates after all.

Her grade level is one year pesonal of mine; she was in fifth grade and I was in fourth grade. Did you have juice or coffee? Always remember that great things psrsonal time. I dare to be different and I do not conform. Because I strongly believe that I was not or cannot be inclusively defined by those achievements other than by the slow strides I made and the lessons that these experiences have cultured on me.

Some schools get batch application forms for easier processing. Always come from a place of truth. I excelled in our class. Since this was part of the requirement, I thought I had the slimmest chance to get in.


Even though it was a terrible mistake to have neglected my priorities in the past, I realized that I should be grateful for these mistakes. When things don’t seem to go right, don’t fret. Work hard for that spot to be in ADMU…to deserve it is something special and I know so because I worked hard to be there too……to stay there is another matter, though.

My ACET Essay: Learning From My Year Old Self – Krishna Dela Paz

Make your essay memorable Ok, so not every one of us has exactly had a near-death experience, rose from extreme circumstances like starvation or walked 20 miles to school everyday. All of us hurt others too.

acet personal essay format

I wanted to stay in the Dance Club but the actions I showed revealed that I am unworthy. I am happy that I took the first bold step and mustered all the courage I had and posted my first blog post in spite of my disposition at that time. Yeah, I did…I was that nervous they might not read the long one. I am always caffeinated even without coffee.

And my favorite teacher there left me with an inspiring way of living. I was into drawing and painting during my pre-elementary years.

acet personal essay format

Thank you so much! Significant events can be life-changing. In the tests I took in school, I would always say that the essay was the easiest part.

acet personal essay format

Thanks for dropping by and appreciating this essay from about 9 years ago. Life taught me to hold on and to believe in something even though essau odds are against me. I would have dug up every award and every recognition I received from Leyte National High School and outside our school but I declined to do so.


My Ateneo Essay

Also, I would ponder if I have put myself on the right track, thinking whether I’m scaling high enough. If you believe the achievements you got were helpful in your growth, I suppose you could mention it a little.

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. How about receiving a customized one? You may contact us through email admissions. The love of my life left our school to study in another country, uniting her family once again.

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Up to now, this letter has been with me for years. Hi, I have read your essay and it was really good!