Move about the building in an orderly manner. Use of gold card for hall pass. First to be dismissed for lunch. These are the minimum consequences. There are three numbers to call depending on the grade level: Report cards include the grade earned and comments.

This note should be brought to the office by 8: The thirty-minute lunch period includes a ten-fifteen minute recess. Any form of sexual nature is in violation of Board policy. Information on how to become or work with a peer tutor can be obtained in the school office. The students will have to make up the time missed through detention or in-school suspension. Extended detentions must be served on the date assigned.

Co-curricular activities add variety to the student’s school day. In order for promotion to occur a student must earn a minimum of 18 credits in the required courses and a minimum of 4 credits of Math and English each year.

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Skip to main content. Date changes within the two-day limit must be made by the parent by means of a telephone call or note to the office. Depending on the severity of the offense the consequences could be more severe.


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The dances are more accurately described as a middle school fun night. Student’s hommework of the computer is a privilege and will be taken away if proper conduct by the student is not shown. The Board will take the issue s under advisement, and after trade, respond within ten days.

Possession or use of alcohol or other drugs and paraphernalia. The purpose of this program is to foster emotional and social development in students.

However, the riding privileges will be suspended for ten days.

If minimum standards are not met, a student may earn back up to 4 credits each year through the following options: Flexible scheduling is possible, individualized instruction is increased and interdisciplinary instruction becomes an important tool for education. Parents are encouraged to check gradf notebooks regularly at home and call the homework hotline to verify assignments. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this helpful service. The student should get an excused absence form from the a,s, which they show their teachers for this purpose.


Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol or any controlled substance. Services offered by the nurse include vision, hearing, and scoliosis screening, health education programs, health assessment and counseling, and health record review.


Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with the following procedure: However, the riding privileges will be suspended for fifteen days.

Smoking or use of tobacco.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Amery Middle School Office: Incident Report and suspension Report filed. Transportation must be gdade by the student.

The Associate Superintendent of Human Resources may delegate this responsibility as needed.

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Sit in your assigned seat and face forward. We feel it is important to provide programs that will help us accomplish our goals and objectives.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

PLP – Family Connections. Minimum Consequences for Major Infractions: This note should be brought to the office by 8: Online Enrollment and Registration. A change of date can only be made by parent contact. Students keep their passwords private.

Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence. Students should write their names in all textbooks, workbooks and notebooks. Copy of Suspension Report mailed home.