No discipline slips during the previous term. This note should be brought to the office by 8: When an absence is necessary, the parent or guardian should notify the office, providing the reason for the absence. The counselor is available to students, parents and teachers. Students will deposit all litter in wastebaskets. First to be dismissed for lunch.

Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence. Any succeeding offenses will result in immediate suspension of riding privileges and the case will be presented to the school board with a request for action by the school board. E-mail addresses are for use by staff, parents, and students relating to school business only. Online Enrollment and Registration. Meetings are held once or twice per month. Follow instruction from an adult in an appropriate manner. Sit in your assigned seat and face forward.

If a student is too ill to remain at school, arrangements will be made to get the student home.

Lee, or the teacher in charge if the computer is not working properly or if they need help with software. Daily announcements will be given by the second hour teacher. Extremely inappropriate behavior toward an adult. We feel it is important to provide programs that will help us accomplish our goals and objectives. Students are only allowed to eat and drink on the bus for select out-of-town events, and are expected to clean up any messes that may occur.


Incident Report and suspension Report filed.

Ayden Middle School

Students receiving slips that result in an Extended After-School detention will serve that detention on Tuesday of the following week. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this helpful service. Online Enrollment and Registration.

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Parents are encouraged to visit with a teacher or administrator when necessary. The student should get an excused absence form from the office, which they show their teachers for this purpose.

The purpose of the dance is to create a social setting where students ages can come and have a fun night together. Level 4 Major Infractions: However, the riding privileges will be suspended for fifteen days. Level 1 – Minor infractions. If your cooperation in maintaining proper library atmosphere is lacking, the privilege of using it during the day will be taken away.

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Minimum Consequences for Major Infractions: District Notice of Non-Discrimination: Others as determined by Transportation Supervisor.

The Associate Superintendent of Human Resources may delegate this responsibility as needed. Extended After-School Detention will hotlinr in the following manner: Parents are required to call the office to arrange for such a meeting.


Student will be expected to make restitution. BoxMadison, WI Follow instruction from an adult in an appropriate manner.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

In the past the rewards have been roller skating and skiing for first semester and Valley Fair for second semester. All books taken from the library are checked out for two weeks with the privilege of a one-week renewal as the book is not in demand.

Level 3 – Major infractions regarding disrespect toward an adult. Allow others to learn without interference. Vandalism, destruction of school property.

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Coats, jackets, and hats are to be hotkine in student lockers; they are not allowed to be worn in school. No eating or drinking on the bus. Dances are closely chaperoned by teachers and parents. The following procedure should be followed in the case of an excused absence: There are four minutes to pass between classes.