It’s a matter of time before there’s no one left to add to the ‘pyramid’ and they start promising people money with no money to give. Because you cannot simply believe what someone is posting online. Archived from the original on December 21, I have invited some of those big pins to come forward and display their financials in their own defense and nobody has taken the challenge. The are asking you to invest time and money into Amway. As for Enron and worldcom I did not know, that was before my time.

Center for Science in the Public Interest. Use your Products samples which come along with the startup Kit. I can see lack of experience and knowledge in this blog author. Thanks for the comments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I sent a text to the guy telling him i did not want to go down this path and he got upset and said fine give me my cd and packet back.

Does that mean they are wrong?

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Retrieved March 5, It all seemed very legit. They even showed me a video of an Indian couple who supposedly got rich llan to BWW lol what a joke. It’s amazing to read all those comments and to notice a common factor in most of the commentators. Archived from the original on July 7, Had I stayed in Amway I would have lost a ton of money and a lot of time that I could never get businesss.

My question would be how would you even know their net income?

amway business plan bww

Retrieved July 19, I was an IBO in the ‘s and the Amway defenders kept saying Amway is different and thing are changed but the reality is that nothing much has changed from to now. So its certainly not “part time” as they say it is. I know from the presentation many, in fact all, into this “business” are totally brainwashed so they wont listen to you as they are told vww will try to discourage you and given examples of how people once opposed the great one’s as well.


Globe Business Media Group. We need to get the word out – these people are disgusting and bottom feeders.

amway business plan bww

How will this be better than when my parents friends tried to sell “Shaklee” products similar beauty products to what Amway is selling yet they are not exactly richer then they are. I don’t say people can’t make money in Amway.

amway business plan bww

The choice is easy. So I started blogging to help others by sharing my experiences in Amway and to give my opinion on why Amway is a bad idea as a business. After the Chicago seminar, they turned Ja-Ri into a Nutrilite qmway instead. I felt a cultish like vibe from all these people. Finally they force us to be IBO. Amway like any business takes time, yes they say in months you can become a platinum making per month and I have seen people who businesss around like me doing it.

But I am glad I read about your experience. Getting into this, you will loose your money, have no personal growth. Archived from the original on February 14, I did the math on a platinum smway and vusiness VERY possible for the group to spend more on tools than they collectively earn from Amway. I agree that there are IBO who give the wrong message or plah as with most professions. Grand Rapids Business Journal. There is a saying you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.


So before you go bashing an organization and a business you know absolutely nothing about, get your facts straight. I was just looking for a part time job, and this girl in my college asked me to meet her at our school This just makes me so mad.

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During the presentation, a guy who, according to other presenters, was Indian yet spoke like he was from London has explained the business model although he did not explain exactly how you can initiate the business – like how to start it up, how you sell the product, how you will be provided – he just told the audience to go to a conference in Memphis to meet with successful multi-millionaires and then brought in legions of people to encourage guests to go to Memphis because it was the best decision they have ever made and that you can be months ahead in beginning your business.

I am a respective man with a healthy and descent set of morals and value’s. I’d still demand to see tax returns and bank statements.