Bursary Application Letter Help. The reason I have not attending the course as of yet is the financial burden that accompanies secondary education. At this time I decided once again to look into taking the course part time. The School offers Apprenticeship programs that span a period of months divided into 3 phases. If written properly, a bursary application letter could push your app far beyond the competition.

Requesting for bursary funds is asking a favour and hence it should be appealing and polite. During high school, I was a member of the debate team from my freshman to senior year. I write this letter to implore you if there is a scope to support me with a bursary. I believe that it is an exciting time to be living here as we are an up and coming nation. Unfortunately I did not have the option of relying on family for assistance.

Hi everyone, I am just out of school and am looking for funding to study electrical engineering next year. I originally looked into attending the course the year of my graduation in Must be at least 14 years old!

Students are allowed to study at a South African University of their own choice who offers the relevant fields of study. I would be honored to contribute to this cycle in any way I can.

Transnet Bursary South Africa 2019 – 2020

As part of our human capital development strategy, we are offering comprehensive bursaries to students to be trained as Artisans and Skilled Workers in the following trades and field: Yours Sincerely, John Doe.

I believe that it is an exciting time to be living here as we are an up and coming nation. I will ensure to bring laurels to our college. SA citizens studying towards these trades or fields without any other bursary obligation and with outstanding achievements are encouraged to apply.


application letter for transnet bursary

Once someone makes a discovery the technological knowledge gained is eventually used to develop even greater technologies. If I were to be the recipient of this bursary I would use the skills I acquire to help move South Africa forward in terms of new technological developments.

application letter for transnet bursary

More than that, with each difficulty I face, the greater my determination to proceed grows. Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

How To Write A Killer Bursary Application Letter (W/ Example)

Additional Tips for Writing a Bursary Application Letter Now that you know how to write a bursary application letter, here are some tips to keep in mind: Full-time bursaries are awarded annually according to the employment needs of the company. Replace them with specific modifiers that convey your thoughts clearly and concisely. Use a professional tone without sounding stiff. With the help of this bursary, I could afford to finance my studies and living expenses without building up many loans.

Bursary Application Letter

House of 89 Clothing Brand. I need this bursary to complete my bachelor.

Cover the point and move on. Should I be given the chance to be a recipient of your bursary program, I am very glad to accept it and pledge to do my very burszry to exceed your expectations to me.

Asking for bursary funds is like asking for the help so the letter should be so drafted in polite words showing the sincerity and the willingness to study and make the fruitful use the funds received. I promise you that I shall meet the expectations of the institution. I would like to inform you of my intention to apply for a bursary aid to assist me in my educational development.


Bursary application letter Dear Mr. Use below given bursary application letter template in doc and pdf format or refer our tips to understand what to say when applying for bursary. All our full-time students are viewed as potential employees — depending on vacancies being available after successfully completing their qualifications. This section can be longer than the last because it reflects your personal goals.

Show the bursary teansnet that their funding will contribute to a much greater plan.

application letter for transnet bursary

These are all technicalities though. Think of this as a cover letter for a resume — a quick overview of your credentials, goals and current accomplishments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

What Is a Bursary? In the future, following the completion of my law degree, I would like to work as a lawyer and one day I hope to work as a federal judge.