Show your motivation by sending a neat and convincing application. Computer skills if possible, explain how you acquired these skills — and on which level you master them. If there was no place for you, you still have a chance in the post-exchange. Here you can specify your field of study, internship wishes etc.. The CV should not be longer than 2 pages. The pre-application is already possible and can be submitted by following this link:

March – Application with the employer. Detailed information can be found here. Apply until the Reference Letters, Language Certificates etc. Under certain conditions you can apply for a travel allowance with the DAAD.

Now the spots are distributed to each local committee at the national conference. Application for a traineeship with IAESTE In order to apply for applicattion internship, you iaeeste be enrolled in a technical, mathematical or scientific course of study at the university or a college in Stuttgart. You will get your deposit back if you return it in time. Travel expense allowance Under certain conditions you can apply for a travel allowance with the DAAD.

This will help us to assess what kind of positions are needed. This conference will determine which internship positions Stuttgart as a Local Applicatino actually gets. From these you can again choose your favorite 5. List of previous practical training indicating the type of activity, period, name and registered office of the company, only where relevant Passport copy – easy to read, Attention: Local groups organize internship positions in their area and apply for international positions organized by other Local Groups based on the applications they received.


application letter iaeste

Otherwise you just wait for the confirmation from your employer. This is not yet required for the pre-application and we will ask you to upload it later when applying for a specific internship.

Application – IAESTE Switzerland

Applicatoon book your flight only after you have been accepted for the internship and received the acceptance papers. January – Positions are exchanged internationally. Also have a look in our FAQs first. Personal information names, age, address, gender, nationality, contact information. Various things have to be done before departure: It also contains information about your employer. You can apply for an internship without obligation from the beginning of the winter semester until If you like the internship position, you must make a binding commitment that evening.

During an outgoing seminar you will be prepared for an internship abroad. At the national level Germany usually gets around internship spots. The documents must be available abroad by 31 March.



For an internship in the summer you apply in the winter semester until the 13th of January. Please don’t forget to explain the grades, because e. The content app,ication also your creativity count. In every country the study programs are slightly different. The letter of motivation should express why you want to do an internship abroad and why you want to do it with IAESTE. All the spots that were not distributed in the first round are given to the local committees. You will receive the post-exchange positions from us in an e-mail.

This is done online via the DAAD portal. Show your motivation by sending a neat and convincing application.

application letter iaeste

Employers are demanding and you should sit down and take some time to write and create a good application: For that we have our Outgoing workshop – a Saturday morning at the Uni to answer any questions you have. Check for open positions. The following documents must be submitted: