Well, it’s because errata literally means the correction of an error in the material. Primary source always trumps a secondary source text trumps table or sample character, for example the FAQ is a secondary source, whereas errata are primary, so go with errata, which is essentially, subtract 1 from every metamagic lvl adjuster you apply to the spell. It’s the save or dies you should be worried about. Especially good if you’re immune to being nausated yourself, like, say, playing a Warforged. If your campaign uses action points, this is strictly better at earlier levels than Quicken Spell , as you can not only use the extra action to cast another spell, but also move, activate a wand, etc. Originally Posted by weckar.

Arcane Thesis – errata I know this is an old thread, and this reply will likely never be seen, but I don’t understand the confusion with this feat, or why it needed errata at all. If you don’t find the FAQ to be an official source but find Arcane Thesis too powerful, write it down as a house rule. I’m currently doing the same thing, planning on metamagic-ing the heck out of Orb of Fire I’m not using Incantatrix, however. Check out this YouTube video to get the scoop. Thanks for the info; although I don’t use Dragon and Dungeon magazines in my guides, a reader may as well be using them, so your comment is useful.

Arcane Thesis – errata The Winged Mod: However since you have the skill points to spend, you can take quite a few. So try and look at it in the best ways it will be used, not the worst most unlikely ways. Note that if your party number is lower than 6, you frrata use your familiar or other party companions as a participant. It’s simply stating you can use it while under stress which is no different than how the FAQ works, except the FAQ tends to explain it’s self.


Arcane Thesis – errata

Hopefully without violating any rules, I can quote a portion of the feat text for the purposes of this discussion. If you’re underground, you’re getting 10 minutes of water-breathing. Blasting spells require caster level to be effective. If you have questions about thedis.

arcane thesis feat errata

The best course of action is for the party to split the various knowledges that creature types are related to. Reset Fields Log in.

RobbyPants Female rat ninja Moderator Posts: User Statistics Last Visit: The errata version is way over the top. Tools Profile Send PM. RobbyPants on February 08, It thseis just like Iron Chef but comes with double atcane prize money. Arcane thesis was clarified see the PHB2 errata on the wotc website to subtract 1 only from the final spell lv. The 4th level Magic missile doing average of around 50 force damage is a good example.

arcane thesis feat errata

Now this is fdat important. That said, I have never liked the idea of interpreting AT’s restrictions as being on an overall basis, rather than a per feat basis.

Are you confused and wondering what is going on here? See Split Ray eventually for even more cheeze-wiz. Comparing apples and oranges. Once he gets well known or faces the same foe a second time, said foes can be expected to have measures to foil the one spell at least sometimes.


D&d arcane thesis errata

Any relevant errata would be in that update. All Bad Average Good Perfect. And it also depends on what a player is using it for. Posted By Abstruse Today, Arcane Thesis is very niche — it’s great for Shadowcraft Mages, for example, but pretty much no one else. That should be in errata, not the FAQ. Are you confused and wondering what is going on here? The part of “your DM may vary” is something I think is best left out of rule arguments, because if we all go “but my DM does this that way, so I’m never wrong” we couldn’t ever reach an agreement.

The downside is that the times you can use Action Surge is limited by the action points you receive at each level remember that any unspent points from previous levels are lost, so use them! Thanks for the comment and I’m really happy my guide was useful to you. Originally Posted by Arcane Thesis When you apply a metamagic feat other than Heighten Spell to that spell, the enhanced spell uses up a spell slot one level lower than normal. Find all posts by Sithobi1.

arcane thesis feat errata