I aspire to become rich and always wanted for helping those people in need. My last 5 years job I am holding a senior executive level which I worked for the highest management such as Vice President of the company as well as the Group CEO. For me, great connection with many people will help me whenever I need them later. In many times, it just a temporary, as I will stop selling when what I want have been fulfilled. So for the conclusion, jangan risau sangat sebab ada Aunty ni cakap selalunya dia takkan tanya soalan susah susah untuk orang yang nak sambung belajar.

Anonymous July 26, at 4: Recently, I had move to an Islamic bank to change the environment of work and to embark in more challenging experience. Yes one week only! My family consist of my father, mother, and siblings. Newer Post Older Post Home.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

Other than that, I am a deadline person. And I also why we want to embark on MBA. Here is my writing dated 10th January Kena dengan jiwa I. For example, in most of the assignments or projects that been assigned to me and my team members by my lecturer, I will definitely make sure that we can deliver or achieve the results efficiently.

This is my weakness! Through all these programmes, I gained so many experiences in handling and managing things. Thursday, 10 May Autobigraphical Essay.

It take twenty seven years to create who I am today, I came bounding into a world of love and laughter. Newer Post Older Post Home. Ingatkan terus pergi bilik interview.


autobiographical essay for mba uitm

It really made myself busy and enjoyed at the same time with a good team of committee members. Then tetiba sorang staff ni cakap “adik, pergi bilik sekian sekian, kena buat test dulu ye”.

For test tu, jawab je lah nak taknak kena lah jawab sebab test tu dia akan collect untuk bagi kepada interviewers. We cannot just wait and see the opportunity to come across our way every time but in fact we need to find them in all areas in this world.

Interview MBA

Fyi, tarikh dapat email dengan tarikh interview tu jaraknya hanya seminggu. The rest they just explained about MBA in AAGBS, Before the interview session end, I did ask them two questions buat syarat je la tanya ni, autobiograpnical sikit macam kita ni betul betul interested. Lama I fikir nak ambik ajtobiographical satu. I would say that I am proud that I am able to take the responsibilities given to me. I aspire to become rich and always wanted for helping those people in need. To me as long as I have the momentum to keep trying, I am sure I can be success like other entrepreneurs in Malaysia regardless of the size of the business.

Alamak dah la tak prepare sangat, pen pun nasib lah ada bawak sebatang. I also have apply for postgraduates studies in Uitm Shah Alam for September intake. For your information, MBA ni duration course dia:. Always shows my interest in all the opportunities plus take all challenges as an opportunity for me to success.


Khaly Life Inspirations: Autobigraphical Essay

I am very energetic and focus with whatever task that I responsible to it. I can overcome each and every hassle efficiently. I will never put a full stop in every challenges whichever cross my way. My family consist of my father, mother, and siblings.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

From there, I got the opportunity to gain knowledge in business operations as a whole. Part time – 2 years must have at least 3 years working experience. Under such circumstances, what we should do is to become fully prepared to embark on our journey of life, to venture into deep waters.

Autobiogra;hical obtained from autobiofraphical learning institution and past working experience help me to excel in this industry. Moreover, I always wanted to have great networking with people. Although it is not the month of October and I only buy two things, FashionValet still give me the At the very outset of my undergraduate programmed, I decided that I must make maximum use of all the educational resources available to improve and perfect my knowledge and leadership skills.

Learning and carrying out work in the field of science has trained me to keep focus in any task I autobographical.