Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? The headquarters of Axeon wants to keep the control on the subsidiaries and refuses to give autonomy to them. Proposal Internal competition between the subsidiaries and Axeon, they should rationalize the production They should not compete in the same market with other products of the company. To avoid any similar problem: Case Study 8 -. Risk of rejecting the proposal We will write a custom essay sample on.

Its strategic decision and thats why negotiation is reqd. Workers are already trained learning curve. Establishing a new plan in UK may not be in the best interest of Axeon, but the management needs to think about solutions to solve the conflicts. Hiring people with high expertise and experience. Innovation A2 Business Studies.

However his behavior creates conflicts between Netherland team and England team. Lack of motivation and morale of subsidiary management. He must award Ian for his initiative and based on achievements of UK subsidiary revenue aexon in the future.

axeon case study

Economies of scale and synergies: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Is construction of the new factory in the UK in the best interest of Axeon? He must try to explain to Ian that producing in the Netherlands more profitable for the company reasons are clearly explained in the 2nd question.


He must decide to increase production in the Netherlands and distribute through the UK subsidiary.

Innovation A2 Business Studies. Management behavior — Mr.

AXEON N.V. BEHAVIOURAL MANAGEMENT CONTROL Group C4: Anat Bar Pinchas – ppt video online download

The problem comes from the bonus plan Each subsidiary will to increase profit Each manager wants to be rewarded It is a personal interest conflict Rewards regarding profits and others non monetary performance idea, innovation should be established. Case Study Axeon N. Geographical and cultural reasons: UPS Case Study. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Current key success factors Money: Auth with social network: Collect Leads new Upload Login. Haven’t found the Essay You Want? He must also tell him that by producing in the Netherlands, company does not need to take loan and factory in the Netherlands can work at full potential.

To propose the development of new products and build their own manufacturing plants. Final value of the plant after 7 years can be lower.

Axeon N.V ME2028 Behavioural Management Control

Peter Scott Peter Scott Consulting. What do you believe to be the CSFs in Axeon?


axeon case study

Should design Reward system for subsidiary management executives according to market share responsibility even though the product is produced at Axeon. Benefit from economies of scale, synergies. Discuss what transfer price sould be established if AR is supplied from the Netherlands to the UK? Good training of the employees Critical success factors in Axeon: Case Study 8. Question 1 What do you feel about the initial analysis? Partner reward — a help or a hindrance to effective business development?

High degree of decentralisation and autonomy in decision-making. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

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