We have been trained at the point of intersection between science and politics while studying but for me it is hard to handle the frustration and to turn it into passion. This intensive course provided me substantial theoretical framework and critical perspective on the main drivers of the global environmental change. The analysis investigates the influence of a global tax competition and the effects of taxes on the welfare in these countries. It was rather easy to find a job after successful graduation. I often work on technical topics like how certain policy influence the atmosphere and what a certain raise in temperature means for different countries — for that you need the natural scientific background.

Once I completed my profiles in job searching websites like Xing and LinkedIn, I was surprised and extremely happy that many multinational companies contacted me with job offers. The diverse cultural and educational background of the students also made it a great experience by letting me perceive different aspects of the same issue. I am now very well equipped with all the necessary technical knowledge that I will need for my PhD research work in the areas of Landscape Ecology. My job is to make sure politicians and society understand the importance of nature conservation and that forests are precious habitats for various animals and plants. I find the FIT-programme covers a smart and exciting combination of computer skills with practical orientation on nature scientific topics. I could meet many new people, with which I still stay in touch.

I have acquired practical knowledge and skills in IT education and more especially its application in solving environmental problems. I think everyone has to know one’s own mind. I recommend the program to students interested in applying GIS and remote sensing for answering environmental questions.


Hochschule Eberswalde | Faculty of Forest and Environment –

In addition, the helpful and supportive staffs in Eberswalde and Warsaw, as well as the latest software versions and facilities provided, always impressed me. Thereby, we would suffer or even die out. Second, I searched for a hnew where I could use and consolidate my logical reasoning.

They range from strategic work and lobbying for international adaptation funds to educational work.

Faculty of Forest and Environment

FIT prepared us for the challenges of monitoring and prediction of forest ecosystems by providing both scientific training and organisational capabilities required for the development of future projects. My job is to model and simulate land use changes in tropical countries using spatial dynamic models to estimate future carbon emissions as consequence of land use change, degradation and deforestation. It is a fascinating topic because until now there is no institutional framework for the evaluation of adaptation performance.

Together with Sven Harmeling and Alpha Kaloga, we deal with different topics regarding adaptation to climate change. I find the FIT-programme covers a smart and exciting combination of computer skills with practical orientation on nature scientific topics. Furthermore, it is challenging to maintain perspective on the complexity of climate negotiations and if necessary, to put my foot down.

Sustainable Building project in Cambodia. GCM is the perfect study programme for those eagerminded who want to bring forward transformation in the ways that mankind live and explore the environment.

The purpose of this paper is to Most of the resources we use At bache,or led by these institutions I gained a lot of insights into their work and even got the chance to write my master thesis in close collaboration with Germanwatch. This proves how effective the FIT Master programme is. During my studies i had the chance to get involved in several projects and even write scientific works and publications.


bachelor thesis hnee

The gathered climatic information can be used in the future to prepare recommendations at the neighbourhood level in a 3D simulation.

My general experience is good. A study based on the example of Iceland. The big steps are far away bacheloor small steps bring us forward nevertheless.

While studying I had the opportunity to go deeper into some topics whereas the work in the political daily routine of a big environmental NGO is very fast-moving and trigger-oriented. This is due to the interdisciplinary nature of the course modules within the programme.

bachelor thesis hnee

They try to implement micro insurance systems as adaptation measures in different countries e. GCM cares about the most urgent problems of human kind. HNEE will also present efforts on logistics and forest growth and yield.

I enjoyed the international atmosphere and by the way I trained my English skills. The biggest challenge was to harmonize job and family. Jamaica, Belize or Saint Lucia. These are jurisdictions with very low or zero tax rates which provide tax-efficient platforms for foreign investments Yilmaz, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

GCM prepares you for the point of intersection between global change and politics.