Dae Won Kang says: Right side now mounir beats gravity, cheerito beats lil g , taisuke beats luan then proceeds to battle wing. Menno is my darkhorse this year. Thesis , Cheerito final: Alfred Flo Hibbert says: Victor beats Hong 10 and alcolil beats lilou.

November 28, at 8: I think lilou are well prepared to get his 3rd title. Ralph Rafal K says: November 29, at 3: November 29, at 5: Ivo Sart Todorov says:

bboy thesis vs menno

November 27, at 7: Andrew A-Game Mam says: Thesis Lilou Cheerito Luan Round 3: Popular Stories Mix Mondays: Faraz Fahd Khan says: Victor proceeds to battle thesis in the quarter finals. Nikav Faim Bharucha says: Alfred Flo Hibbert says: Benny vs thesis — thesis Menno vs blond — menno Victor vs hong 10 — victor Alkilol vs lilou — alkilol Gravity vs mounir — gravity Cheerito vs lil g — lil g Luan vs taisuke — luan Tonioh vs wing — wing Top 8 Thesis vs menno — thesis Victor vs alkilol — victor Gravity vs lil g — gravity Luan vs wing — luan Top 4 Thesis vs victor — thesis Gravity vs luan — gravity Finals Gravity vs thesis — thesis winner.


Victor beats Hong 10 and alcolil beats lilou. HONG 10 Gravity v. In the event of a tehsis, the person that guessed the most wins first will be selected the winner Contest ends Saturday Nov.

bboy thesis vs menno

Blond, Hong10, Gravity, Wing Round 3: The final is Victor vs wing and wing takes it. Top 8 thesis menno hong 10 lilou gravity cheerito taisuke wing.

Redbull BC One Paris Final Bracket Contest

Jorge Luis Arteaga Perez says: Thesis Lilou Gravity Taisuke Finals: If you already have a forum login, you’re already registered! November 28, at 6: November 28, at Andrew Kai Puyat says: Hong 10, Taisuke Win: November 29, at 8: ThesisCheerito final: November 29, at 5: November 28, at 9: November 29, at I think lilou are well prepared to get his 3rd title. Thesis Alkolil Mounir Wing Round 3: Registering gives you access to community discussions, exclusive offers, and the latest news here at The Bboy Spot.


Henry Shimabukuro Castro says: Round 3 — Final will be Blond vs cheerito Winner — Blond.

Thedis 28, at 3: Round 1- thesis, blond, victor, alkolil, gravity, lil g, taisuke, wing 2nd round- blond, victor, lil g, taisuke, semi-victor, taisuke finals- victor. Jakub Kevin Dulak says: November 27, at 4: November 28, at 4:

bboy thesis vs menno