Skalenentwicklung und Erfolgswirkung Dr. Judith Jansen Zinc and diabetes – theoretical and practical approach. Conrad Winkelmeyer Analysis of tooth preparations for zirconia-based crowns and fixed dental prostheses using stereolithography data sets Dr. Darius Christopher Mottaghy Heat transfer processes in the upper crust: Markus Zeis Modellierung des Abtragprozesses der elektrochemischen Senkbearbeitung von Triebwerksschaufeln.

Partrick Koczera Functionalized microbubbles for facilitating translational molecular ultrasound studies and for mediating and monitoring blood-brain barrier permeation. David Dahmen Correlated fluctuations in neural networks on the microscopic and mesocopic scale Dr. Jan Esser “Entscheidungsorientierte Erweiterung der Produktionstheorie”. Himeh Horoufchin The dissipating task-repetition benefit in cued task-switching: Rashad Mohamed Ahmed Kebeish Construction and molecular analysis of genetically modified C3 plants expressing a glycolate oxidizing pathway in the chloroplast. Johannes Andreas Kalb Crystallization kinetics in antimony and tellurium alloys used for phase change recording. Lars Reiner Schreiber Time-resolved electrical injection of coherent spin packets through a Schottky barrier Dr.

Tobias Stopka Vinylkationen als reaktive Intermediate Dr.

benjamin stadtmüller dissertation

Eckhard Karden “Using low-frequency impedance spectroscopy for characterization, monitoring, and modeling of industrial batteries”. Giulia Rossetti Structural aspects of the Huntingtin protein investigated by biocomputing methods Dr. Burkhard Jahnen “Interdiffusion von Heterostrukturen auf Antimonidbasis”.

Structural, Electronic and Kinetic properties Dr.


Ingo Scholz Ultrastructure and functional morphology of adhesive organs and anti-adhesive plant surfaces. Patrick Maria Riefer Organic-geochemical investigations on the mode of incorporation of a defined nonylphenol isomer and the herbicide MCPA in soil derived organo-clay complexes. Werner Knoben “Ausgezeichnete und geordnet ausgezeichnete Differentialgleichungen” Dr. Mediation als Erziehung zum Gewaltverzicht in der Jugendpastoral. Victoria von der Decken Studies on the molecular structure of Uteroglobin suggesting stadtmülller functional ligand Dr.


The investigation of laterally mixed hetero-organic monolayer films give an insight into the direct and substrate mediated intermolecular interactions between CuPc and PTCDA.

Tetsuya Takahashi On the growth and mechanical properties of non-oxide perovskites and the spontaneous growth of soft metal nanowhiskers Dr.

A Direct Approach” Dr. Florian Ruschmann Basic parameters of a three-layer electrorefining process for solar grade silicon Dr. Aarne Fleischer “Implication of Bcl-2 family members in apoptosis signalling pathways triggered by growth factor deprivation” Dr.

Wenwen Song Characterization and simulation of bainite transformation in high carbon bearing steel Cr6 Dr. Viktor und Mirka Pollak-Preis. Artur Gregor Glavic Multiferroicity in oxide thin films and heterostructures.

Oktober bis Beeinflussung der Funktion von Astrozyten.

Ruben Rosencrantz Multivalent glycobiomaterials for specific recognition and binding by lectins. Ruben Rosencrantz Multivalent glycobiomaterials for specific recognition and binding by lectins Dr. Martin Experimentelle Untersuchungen der innermotorischen Gemischbildung bei variabler Einspritzung. Tierexperimentelle Untersuchungen im Vergleich zur Kernspintomographie. Emotionserkennung und emotionales Erleben Dr. Sven Lentzen Nonlinearly coupled thermopiezoelectric modelling and FE-simulation of smart dissertatoin.


Study of intermolecular interactions in hetero-organic thin films – RWTH Publications

Algorithms and Theoretical Bounds” Dr. Anke Naujokat Ad instar iherosolimitani sepulchri. Bernd Christian Zimmermann Ab initio description of transverse transport due to impurity scattering in transition-metals. Growth, Structure and Applications Dr. Ivonne Gamper Characterization of GAR22 function in the regulation of red blood cell differentiation and cell migration.

benjamin stadtmüller dissertation

Thomas Barthel Entanglement entropy in quantum many-particle systems and their simulation via ansatz states Dr. Zina-Mary Manjaly Autism and the weak central coherence theory: Leo Gielkens Mehr als Sieg und Niederlage. An analysis of social network advertising SNA formats and content Dr.