Fitzgerald makes it clear that Daisy at least at one point loves Gatsby and pines for him even as she prepares to marry Tom Buchanan. In “Winter Dreams,” for example, you might notice the striking description of the Jones’s home. In your essay, you might argue that Fitzgerald is using the seasons in a traditionally symbolic way or that he adapts or changes their symbolic meanings for his own purposes. Make sure that your paper has more analysis than summary. I’m not a good writer and the service really gets me going in the right direction. Your email address will not be published.

How does his use of them fit into the overall messages and themes of the piece? Choose one of the topics below as a point of entry into the literary work. Why is it so “white” and “solid”? What time frame does it cover? After a careful examination of the story, how much control would you say Dexter has over the course that his life takes?

Do any of the characters in the fictional world of “Winter Dreams” achieve this elusive quality? Once you know that all of these decisions can be open to interpretation, you realize how rich studies of form and genre begnice be.

The story compounds Dexter’s discomfort over how he came to be where he is by introducing several instances where hobs forces, fate perhaps, appear to control the characters’ destinies more than they themselves do.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair by F. Scott Fitzgerald

How does his use of them fit into the overall messages and themes of the piece? What patterns can you discover in your study of these two female characters? Having previously been her mentor in order for Bernice to gain popularityMarjorie tricks Bernice into bobbing her hair knowing that it will only result in Bernice being ostracised by the other characters in thezis story such is the social stigma associated with a girl bobbing her hair.


What symbolic meaning is attached to the Jones’s home, and how is Fitzgerald using it in the story?

What if he had not swum out to the raft the night Judy was out in the motorboat? Please make it easy to understand and no fancy words- basic words mostly. The idea of rejection is a little more noticeable in the barber shop, after Bernice has gotten her hair cut. I will recommend your service to everyone I know.

Aside from gender independence by showing the much radical fashion of women, it is also obviously showed off in the story activities such as drinking, smoking and dancing to the tune of barely earsplitting kind of music. Describe their relationships stayement men and with other women.

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How are their journeys alike and different? Where do these illusions come from, and what sustains them? Once you have figured out what the house represents by analyzing the description that Fitzgerald provides, you should spend some time thinking about how the symbol functions in the context of the story.

It is natural to assess other people’s motives, to try to figure out how their psyches operate. If you had to state in a couple of phrases what the story bair about, what would you say? How does Dexter imagine that his children’s lives will be different from his own?

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Reread the story, noting every mention of Irene. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. After much brainstorming and close reading of relevant passages, you might arrive at a thesis arguing, for instance, that Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams” demonstrates that a certain amount of illusion is necessary for a person’s happiness, or bernicce arguing that Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams” indicates that disillusionment, while it might cause grief, actually frees people to fully embrace and enjoy the reality uer their present lives.


What is the function of this character in the story? For instance, Dexter grapples with concepts of identity.

Short Story Analysis: Bernice Bobs Her Hair by F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Sitting Bee

You might want to examine closely the opening passages of section II, in which the narrator states that Dexter “wanted not association with glittering things and fhesis people?? How or how not?

bernice bobs her hair thesis statement

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Much of Dexter’s life is shaped by sheer coincidence. Also think about begnice traditional symbolic meanings of the seasons, and then compare these to the way Fitzgerald is using them.

bernice bobs her hair thesis statement

Where previously Warren had focused his attention unsuccessfully on Marjorie, stxtement now when Bernice becomes popular, focuses on Bernice. Does Dexter learn anything about the nature of love and happiness from these two failed relationships?

At the party at the beginning of the storyit is left to Otis to dance with Bernice, none of the other boys have taken any interest in Bernice and even Otis is statemet of dancing with her, jokingly telling Warren that he has the piece of wood two by four so that he can knock Bernice out. You might start your reading with Ralph K. Why did Fitzgerald stop each section where he did? You might begin with Jean V.