Recording vegetation data a Species lists The simplest data that you can collect is a species list. I was behind on Tulane coursework and actually used UCLA’s materials to help me move forward and get Quadrat sampling is a classic tool for the study of ecology, especially biodiversity. Doing a brilliant A2 Biology Coursework in Ecology. Quadrat sampling consists of randomly placing a quadrat on the ground in the area to be sampled. They are generally square, wire frames that are 50 cm by 50 cm and they can be used to estimate or count plants and slow moving animals. Put a label marked in pencil inside the bag to show the location and time.

Science and Plants for Schools. Person 2 should make a note of when this is done, so that it can be taken it into account when they are calculating their infiltration rate. You can tell when it is completely dry by weighing the crucible and soil, returning it to the oven for 10 minutes and weighing again and so on, until there is no change in weight after 10 minutes. The distribution of the organisms in a particular habitat can be affected by such physical factors as light, shelter from the wind and temperature. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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biology coursework quadrat

Or you can choose to place stations at specific points of interest along the transect line. A quadrat is just a small square used in environmental biology to estimate populations of plants or to sample within an ecosystem.

Numbers and types of plants and animals can then be estimated for the whole habitat by counting them in the individual quadrats. Plastic 35mm film pots becoming much rarer now that digital cameras are widely used are a biolkgy alternative to polythene bags.


biology coursework quadrat

This helps ecologists measure gradual changes from one side of a habitat to the other. You can tell when it is completely dry by weighing the crucible and soil, returning it to the oven for 10 minutes and weighing again and so on, until there is no change in weight after 10 minutes. Local frequency is easiest to measure if you have a gridded quadrat of 10 x 10 squares. Many investigators over-estimate conspicuous plants especially those in flower and under-estimate inconspicuous plants.

When using quadrat sampling, either actual numbers can be counted or the percentage area covered by each species of plant is estimated.

Temperature Wind speed Humidity Light intensity. Weaver applied the use of quadrats to the teaching of ecology in If you have classified each species into communities e.

Use of Quadrats: A* understanding for IGCSE Biology 4.2 4.3

Different light meters vary in what they measure and their accuracy. Wash your hands thoroughly after carrying out soils work. Subscribe to this RSS coursewor. Instead, they would be forced to count a smaller representative part of the population, called a sample. There are standard tables for the conversion.

Unit 2 – Quadrat Sampling

Random quadrat sampling, counting daisies in the frame then multiplying up to the whole field area. Use a random number table or random number generator on a calculator to select numbers from This should be done at regular intervals, perhaps every coursrwork metres. It’s also biologyy to select sample sites from the ten locations highlighted in the dune profile below.

Humus content Soil humus content is measured by weighing a dry soil sample, burning the humus in the soil, then weighing the soil left.


This shows what percentage of plants at each station are from each community. Replace any vegetation you have removed.

Biology coursework quadrat

Shutting your eyes and spinning round until you are disorientated before hurling the quadrat or perhaps alternatively dropping the quadrat from a great height both sound like random procedures but they are not…. Soil texture The soil texture is determined by the proportion of the soil made up of sand, silt and clay.

Method Choosing a fieldwork location A suitable site must be found that is easy and safe to access, with permission from the landowner. This site uses cookies.

Retrieved 20 June From Wikipedia, coursewok free encyclopedia. Each pair of random numbers can be used as x and y co-ordinates, using the metre interval markings oneach tape measure. In the grazed area, bird’s-foot trefoil was present in 18 of the 30 quadrats; in the ungrazed area, bird’s-foot trefoil was present in 6 of the 30 quadrats. You get the following results: But a typical m transect, perhaps sampled with a 1m 2 quadrat, would require many more cpursework than you could realistically take.

The number must be large enough to minimise the effect of anomalies, but not too large that it cannot realistically be carried out in the time available.