Floods dramatically affected earnings. Cars were swept out to sea, buildings were badly damaged and people had to act quickly to survive. Water on land – case studies. Low bridges removed River widened through Boscastle New flood defence wall built in village centre River bed lowered by an average of 0. It is a warm and moist tropical maritime air mass. Land owners were encouraged to maintain vegetation and plant new trees. Destruction of houses, businesses and gardens Floodwater gushed into houses, shops and pubs.

Huge amounts of water from this sudden downpour flowed into two rivers, the Valency and Jordan which flows into the Valency just above Boscastle. Extract The flood on 16 August in Boscastle in Cornwall was the worst in local memory and an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain. Rivers and Boscastle floods quiz. Floods devastate village On 16 August , a devastating flood swept through the small Cornish village of Boscastle. The drainage basin of Boscastle is steep and impermeable rock. Buildings were smashed, especially in the main street where the river channel flows.

In Augustthe village of Boscastle saw a month’s worth of rain fall in two hours. For example, the red areas indicate that rain is falling at between eight and 16 mm per hour. Weather chart Fig 1. Cars, walls and even bridges were washed away. Removing low bridges and replacing them with wider bridges – this meant large amounts of water could flow freely underneath the bridge and the bridge wouldn’t act like a dam in the flood, vegetation and debris became blocked, creating the effect of a dam.


The town was effectively closed to tourists after the flood, causing a massive loss of revenue. Building along river Construction of small bridges across river trapped material behind them creating small dams River narrowed through Boscastle reducing capacity Deforestation in valleys.

Boscastle flood

Water on land – case studies. Both overflowed, and this caused efvects sudden rush of water to speed down the Valency — which runs through the middle of Boscastle. Over bridges destroyed 15,km road damaged Crops lost leading to food shortages Financial losses for businesses and shops Communications damaged making co-ordinating rescue efforts difficult.

boscastle flood case study effects

Satellite image The thickest cloud is shown by the brightest white areas on the picture. Hard impermeable surfaces increased bsurface run-off. Effects Roads were blocked off by the floodwater, making emergency access difficult except from the air. Each shelter has space for floo families and includes a toilet Radios to issue warnings Embankments to hold back rising water Sluice gates able to close channel when water rises Slope protection to reduce erosion of embankments.

Report Sun 28th October, By bboscastle to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The rainfall rate key shows how the colours in the image relate to the rate the rainfall is falling.

Report Thu 30th May, Causes It happened at high tide. Extract The flood on 16 August boscast,e Boscastle in Cornwall was the worst in local memory and an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain.

boscastle flood case study effects

A line of convergence formed near the coast line, where air moving in almost opposite directions collides, this helped to increase the rate of ascent and produced very heavy rain. The combination of sutdy localised temperatures and the great quantity of unabsorbed surface water plus moist winds off the sea caused a great deal of moist, warm air to travel upwards quickly.


It remains over the area for about six hours. The line labelled known as a trough line caused very heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Case Study – Boscastle Floods

The Environment Agency is responsible for warning people about floods and reducing the likelihood of future floods. Rainfall rates of at least 32 mm per hour are being measured.

boscastle flood case study effects

There is more about rainfall radar in the weather section of the Met Office website. Floodwater damaged a great deal of properties. Major incident declared at 5pm.

Fortunately, nobody died — boscastlr largely to a huge rescue operation involving helicopters — but there was millions of pounds worth of damage. It is likely that home insurance will be much costlier in Boscastle from now on. Boscastle’s main industry is tourism.

The Boscastle flood of – A case study of cause, effect and response

This link opens in a new window. Residents had little time to react. Report Mon 3rd December,