It will be no surprise that I want to focus on the preschool education target on page So, that suggests to us that we are at the point now where we should be looking at how the revised curriculum is embedding in primary and post-primary schools. Those kids should be getting the very best out of the school system. A huge boost for Sri Lankan education. I will make a couple of remarks to start the session.

That was the point that I was making to Sean. As you know, the Minister gave a commitment last year that the three-year corporate plan for the education sector would be reviewed annually to ensure the strategic direction of the Department and that the bodies for which it is accountable would remain valid. No, that was just an exemplar of the intractable issues that we sometimes have to cope with. Is it possible that, as a result of the sample of the schools and the lessons that, I trust, have been learned from the way in which it was handled, the Department would say that it will not let this go out to tender and that it will encourage schools to use that which they currently use for assessment? A few years ago, there would have been much less history of using the capacity of the system to interrogate the data.

Therefore, we are in a state of constant turbulence. Katrina has spent considerable time on those issues in the past few years, and others will do so in the future. The Minister made reference to procurement issues.

This year I think that you know who the families are. Consolidate strategy and plans: There are also aspects of the system that are incredibly powerful.

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We would like to look at modern languages in more detail, businese the reasons you suggest. Do you agree — I am sure you will not — with some of the parents who have contacted me to say that the system is fatally flawed? That has been accommodated, and schools can now carry out the assessment in the summer term. I want to follow on from Chris’s point about cross-border education. Change is supported and facilitated by people who are convinced of the mission and the need, involved in the process and understand the plan and thenbenefits.


It is 15 pplan since the Good Friday Agreement, and we need to look at where we sit with Irish-medium education and integrated education, and what else needs to be done to help, if not promote, facilitate and encourage two busuness important sectors of education. The MOP describes the key processes and sub-processes involved in transporting air cargo from shipper to consignee in a systematic and harmonized manner.

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The business plan commitment is to ensure that all parents have access to preschool education. Those include summer schools and youth. The evidence clearly shows that, if young people have access to a broad range of courses, they are much more likely to be able to study courses that interest and motivate them.

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I think that we have had this conversation before. You may have heard the Minister making some comment on that yesterday in the pplan of PISA and, particularly, whether we pla the balance right in relation to not just the inquiry and inquisition — which, all of the evidence suggests, is critical for growing the scientists of the future — but the discipline of the focus on the mathematical skills, which are the underpinning skills for so much of science as you move up the school system.

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At no point in the education system in any country is there an ability to match every parent and child with the specific institution they want. I will not talk specifically.

I do not think that it is a matter of setting a target for the number of integrated places or something like that. If you are in an occupation which corresponds to the list of occupations identified in the Ministerial Instructions and have evidence of one year of continuous full-time or full-time equivalent experience in one of the following occupations in the past 10 years: They do not want to be held back; so, it is about balance.


As Katrina said, the whole issue at that time for Irish-medium education was the need to mainstream it, and it was the same for integrated education. The review of home-to-school transport was launched yesterday, and that is now in hand.

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I suspect that my future role will not be quite as hectic on a daily basis. What does it tell us? We are working to make sure that it increases, buwiness it is very clearly unacceptable. An application will be considered only when one of those requirements are met.

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I am absolutely confident that you will get no less a service from my two colleagues in future than I and, indeed, Katrina have been able to provide in the past. I would call that a good p,an, Katrina. I know that there are issues with the confidence with which schools feel able to use that end of the system. We have had a number of problems that one would not want to have — I was not even thinking of that one, Danny — that members will be familiar with.

For example, the Minister recently launched a strategy on healthy food in schools, which clearly contributes to things such as obesity and public health targets for the Department of Health. That joint working happens.