How are the results of analyses interpreted and published? Seven mounds are lined up north-south in line with the west edge of Monks Mound. Nearby, however, there are several conical burial mounds built by the prehistoric Adena Indians sometime between B. Grades 4 — 6 Begin with the orientation show in the theater. How is a mound excavated? Monks Mound and the Grand Plaza were clearly critical in the definition and creation of a large integrated community

I have been taking my 5th graders on field trips to Cahokia Mounds for 25 years. Excerpted from pages of Cahokia: At the center of John Pfeiffer’s imaginative account in Indian City on the Mississippi lay four logs pointing to the cardinal directions. Suddenly, their sense of civilization began crumbling, and their way of life came to a halt Thorne Display areas — Look for answers in each area. Your own place in it was literally traced by your moccasins. For gift items you may wish to pre-order and pick up the day of your visit.

cahokia mounds essay

Prehistoric sites display its historic beauty by the visualization of artifacts found or by its historical landmarks. Sacrality which is synonymous with reality is achieved through jounds imitation of a celestial archetype Monks Mound is aligned with the cardinal directions; the North Plaza is bounded by four mounds on each of the cardinal sides; the principal mounds in the center are aligned with Monks Mound and with each other.

Plus, it reversed the flow of the river. Monks Mound How many terraces levels does Monks Mound have? Ohio’s Serpent Mound words – 6 pages constructed it. How was pottery made?

The moon lights his way in the darkness. Under ideal conditions good weather, accessibility of timber, a sizable workforce, and ease of transportation it would take two thousand men a week to build a palisade.


Contrarily, the communities with the largest agricultural systems, namely riverside Mississippian urban centers Cahokia and Etowah, had the excess of resources available to build large monumental mounds and elaborate palisades to esday elevate the stature of the elites in those.

What shape is Fox Mound? Native American Indians play an important role in contributing esaay our historical events dating back thousands of years ago.

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During my teaching years, I brought some of my classes to Cahokia Mounds. Tables in the Cafe may be used mmounds writing and, on occasion, adults accompanying the groups may be responsible for writing down information discovered by the children in the gallery, but writing permits must be issued first.

Each mound esay in size, with some measuring only a few centimeters high to some measuring over 80 feet high. Ask the chaperons to help the children interpret the exhibits. In a country like Malta which is filled with cultural heritage, it is quite easy for quarry operations to affect an area of cultural heritage or an archaeological site.

cahokia mounds essay

Their rituals may alsoserve as commemorative occasions, such as thanksgiving at harvestime, giving the participants a sense of connection with the past, the present, and the future. What was the social organization of the culture?

Then with prayer, he plants the plumed [prayer] stick at the intersection of the cross, sprinkles it with more corn meal Moundss sky watching was merely one empirical component for constructing a sacred geography. Transporting all the logs from the forest to the site takes more labor.

Pauketat supports the view that the Cahokia public works were more than symbols of religious beliefs in the powers of the moinds Excavating the trenches for the foundation adds about 20, hours. Thus, one division of the town is supposed to be related to the north and to be centered in its kiva or estufa, which may or may not cahkoia, however, in its center; another division represents the west, cahokla the south, and another the east, yet another the upper world and another the lower world, while a final division represents the middle or mother and synthetic combinations of them all in this world.


Through mythical ancestors and celestial divinities, the elite allied themselves with the power of the sky. At other points woodhenges large circular areas marked off by enormous red cedar posts enclosed large circular plazas or ceremonial areas.

cahokia mounds essay

Why was a stockade wall built around the city? Because authority in this community was always in contention, the community was stabilized through the use of symbols which legitimized the status of the elite.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Essay

As if designed by a landscape architect, each mound has sufficient space around it to set it off from the others, and the modular spacing between the major mounds serves to unify them. As the Cahokia site expanded, the Mississippians began using agriculture as a means of food production. Defying an historical site would change the eligibly of the Section Woodhenge What was woodhenge used for? Bowles Retired State Senator. Louis Structures Exhibit What were the purposes of Woodhenge?