Project management and feasibility analysis have become more specialized. The first reason why strategic management becomes important is because the globalization. This reflects a positive social analysis for the Aviation Industry in Asia. It has also helped the organization to diversify revenue streams. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It means the lowest cost can possibly achieve. Would you like to get a custom case study?

With the help of AirAsia Academy, AirAsia has successfully created a workforce which is veryflexible and high committed and very critical in making AirAsia the lowest cost airline in Asia. This can be accomplished through findingmutually motivating goals so that AirAsia can be perceived as a contributor to the nationaleconomy, rather than a destroyer of the established carriers. The political context of globalization though is a main consideration for Air Asia but it is diffuse and spread over other factors as discussed subsequently. According to this statement, E-commerce can change the way of doing business nowadays. In addition, the third reason, why AirAsia company needs to consider and stress to a strategic management? To make this strategy successfully implemented:

With a fleet of 72 aircrafts, AirAsia flies to over 61 domestic and international destinations with routes, and operates over flights daily from hubs located in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. This has helped AirAsia to open up and capture a sizeable market in Thailand.

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This can lead to higher caae in the short run for Airasia Asia but reducing margins over the long run as young people are less brand loyal and more open to experimentation.

The strategic management becomes important due to the following reason such as globalization to survival their business, and than e-commerce become the critical success to the company nowadays.

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Concept and Cases, 12th edition Pearson International Edition. Weaknesses of Now Everybody Czse Fly: Each Of Airplanes Company in the world trying to conduct some strategies to compete with another competitor in their industry.


Act — Air Asia also manages to reach to its target Audiences through its interactive website and leading social media platforms. This will lead to an unrealistic price war and might fluctuate the cost of travelling around the region.

Steps to conduct Now Everybody Can Fly: According to this Matrix there are four possible combinations that provide the organizations with possible stuxy opportunities.

It also gives the option of ticketless service as a low cost alternative to its customers.

This has been as a result of processes of globalization opening up more markets and bringing more competition for the company. After that, this system are very customer friendly because the entire customer if want to buy or make a reservation a ticket directly via online, and no need to come to the ticket counter. Most of the full service airlines have or planning to create a low cost subsidiary to compete directly with AirAsia.

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The Threat of the new entrants for the brand Air Asia Berhad is currently assessed as very low. Joel Ross and Michael Kami Nowadays, the competition among airplane industries swof very tough.

Weaknesses Air Asia does not have its own maintenance, repair and overhaul facility. Reach — Air Asia offers multiple distribution channels and innovative point of contacts for reaching its customers. The demand for lowest cost carrier is will be growing rapidly, it can be the great opportunity for AirAsia Company to run their business.

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This can be accomplished through findingmutually motivating goals so that AirAsia can be perceived as a contributor to the nationaleconomy, rather than a destroyer of the established carriers.

For example, their casf with other service providers such as hotels and hostels, car rental firms, hospitals, Citibank has created a very unique image among travellers.


In Addition, on this paper will be structured into four sections. This is the most distinct and unusual strategy amongst all the three strategies discussed above. The threat of the substitutes for aitasia brand Air Asia Berhad within the Asian countries is high. On the other hand, AirAsia is an imitator in a market with limited competition and growing demand from a previously non existent market segment.

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sstudy The Advancement in the technology has resulted in most of the Air ticket reservations to be booked online. The Asian region is thus gaining increased attention from its western counterparts for the educational and medical tourism.

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From the view of managers in a company, the emphasis is on the word planning; ERP represents a comprehensive software approach to support decisions concurrent with planning and controlling the business[18]. The backward integration, forward integration and horizontal integration strategy of the Air Asia Berhad may also result stucy achieving increased economies of scale for its business operations.

This exercise is very useful in understanding the competencies possessed by the other relative players of the industry and derive strategic choices in line with the analysis obtained Hanlon, But being a low aorasia leader, AirAsia an upper hand because its cost will be still the lowest among all the regional airlines.

The government support attracted for the national aviation passenger carriers is pertinent for sustained growth of the low cost Airlines of the Asian region. On this section, I will identify one by one the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in AirAsia Company. On this paper, I would like to identify and analyze the AirAsia Company strategic management: WilliamsonMarkets and Hierarchies New York: