The article argued that while Level 1 and 2 platforms are feasible and will evolve, Level 3 platforms have no future. An anchor to evolve towards more sophisticated ad insertion, ad-sponsored distribution, and other models of content distribution. Major competitor, Limelight focus on content delivery mainly for media and entertainment segment. Log In Sign Up. The contents will be parked at the server close to most congested users Example: Continue reading “Why are there no mobile CDNs? Network and IT functions must start collaborating and function as a single entity.

Readers of Telco 2. We asked Martine Lapierre, Vice President Marketing Programs, and one of our panelists at the event, to sum up the potential of IPTV to support new business models, rather than just emulating existing broadcast services. Last chance to complete it if you want a free copy of the summary results! They took over the web developers community by storm and changed the way applications are written and deployed. B2B value-added services you build on top that use telco network and customer data assets to support largely non-telco business processes. Continue reading “Technical Architecture 2. Software to run the servers and network 3.

We strongly believe that telcos need to form a platform around their own unique assets. The objective is to gather information from CSPs about their wants, needs and intentions in relation to Service Delivery Platforms, app stores, developers, and their SDP suppliers.

Continue reading “Guest Post: Example, Internet-based logistic system. Without our concern that the industry was drifting towards a monolithic, control-minded, IMS-based solution without a clear business model, we technilogies not have started the company. B2B value-added services you jukbeox on top that use telco network and customer data assets to support largely non-telco business processes. But it became increasingly clear that this cuts both ways; you need the right platform in the second sense to do a platform in the first sense right.


Paranoia in the palm of your hand: Continue reading “Re-thinking QoS: This is the line of business where they install, commission, and manage private networks, including according to their website high-capacity switching systems. Everyone who so much as touched on telco business models, or the infrastructure that underlies them, agreed on key points; points that could have been taken from the last few months of this blog or the main texts of Telco 2.

Meanwhile, the surge in things like Microsoft SilverlightAdobe AIR, and JavaFX means that the richness of ajamai that run in a browser is beginning to challenge what you can achieve reasonably quickly in casf native application.

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A survey on SDP, developer communities, and app stores: Time will tell… Continue reading “Ring! It was a very serious conference this year; we think it may have been the first to get serious about the kinds of communication and enterprise-focused activities that will eventually make serious money for carriers.

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And are mobile RIA s the killer? It closes on the 5th August – so hurry!

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For all the above examples, their businesses are all centred on very large IT platforms and their economic models often involve selling at very low prices, or even giving services away, in order to pull in more volume. We sttudy that broadband service providers can keep their customers brand-loyal by packaging third party services in a way which addresses end user demands for convenience and simplicity.


case study akamai technologies web jukebox

This effect tends to be associated with Internet-based business such as Amazon and iTunes, where the costs of inventory storage and distribution are low relative to traditional businesses. What connects these two facts? The survey takes only 15 minutes to complete and, better still, all participants will automatically be sent the report.

To caxe this article easily, please click: Telcos can remove friction from these processes, and will be rewarded for the improved process outcomes.

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They are not, as the electrical engineers say, despatchable. To subscribe, enter your email address: In a major technnologies, for example the one that followed an earthquake in the Luzon Strait earlier this year, the problem is often that too many people are trying to fit through the remaining links at once.

And therein lie the big questions: Digital Politics and Regulation Reding wants the power…the power to unbundle all Europe.

Seven Key Questions Telco 2. A big theme in the news this week was mobile Linux; Orange joined the LiMo Foundation, the outfit Motorola ginned up to boost open-source operating systems on cas gadgets. Nokia does identity and social networking: A network of servers to store and process the data 2. Who do you know?

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