Fascinating facts With a shoreline of 7,km, Lake Volta is big enough to be seen from space. In , an Italian consortium, Impregilo which had just completed the Kariba Dam , won the contract. Retrieved 8 May Dzidzo, ; Ansah and Tetteh-Mensah, The lake produced has generated small lake transportation, increased fishing, new farming activities along the shoreline, and tourism. The following benefits were to be generated, among others, from the construction of the dam.

The Akosombo Dam benefited some industrial and economic activities from the addition of lake transportation, increased fishing, new farming activities along the shoreline, and tourism. This is because when fishermen move from place to place they also infect previously uninfected water bodies, which become a source of infection in the new community. The video reveals what life is like for the rural poor in and around the town of Tamale in Northern Ghana. Although re-infection occurred in certain communities, risk was much less than before the effort began. However, the country’s economy is dominated by agriculture, which employs about 40 percent of the working population. Ghana portal Water portal Renewable energy portal.


The drug or medicine used was praziquantel tablets Biltricidewhich effectively reduces the worm and egg load borne by infected people. Exposure to infection is especially intense for fishermen who dive to set fish traps as well as for people, particularly children, who draw water from the lake or bathe there.

Urinary schistosomiasis, commonly called bilharziasis, is a chronic snail-borne infection, which frequently occurs in water development schemes in tropical countries.

Onchocerciasis is transmitted by the black-fly Simuluim damnosum which breeds solely in fast flowing waters. There is a long history of problems in Ghana, despite large resources of cocoa, gold and diamonds.

One other successful method employed was to open the river outlet into the sea at the estuary, which was hitherto closed by spits and sandbars.

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Towns and communities such as Akuse, Amedeka, Volivo, Adidome are now mostly communities of old men and women who live in deplorable conditions. With a volume of cubic kilometers, Lake Volta is the world’s third largest man-made lake by volume, the largest being Lake Kariba which is located akoslmbo Zimbabwe and Zambia in Southern Africa and contains cubic kilometers of water. Ghana has also borrowed a lot of money, and rising debt repayments are difficult for the country to deal with.


The other main focus in Northern Ghana is to provide safe drinking water. The job you end up with in civil engineering is likely to link back to what you studied at school, college or university. This necessitated the opening of the flood gates at a reservoir elevation of The high rate of re-infestation is promoted by several factors, the most significant ones being: Akosombo cse responsible for the largest artificial body of water in the world.

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One example in Ghana is that wind power is being developed to help provide rural communities with electricity and this effort is led by two non-profit organizations, Enterprise Works Ghana and Rural Energy and Environment Systems. The Akosombo Dam and other dams of the Volta River Hydro Development Project increased substantially the conditions for the spread of schistosomiasis. The dam provides electricity to Ghana and its neighboring West African countries, including Togo and Benin.

In particular, resettlement villages have shown an increase in disease prevalence since the establishment of Lake Voltaand a village’s likelihood of infection corresponds to its proximity to the lake.

Many people still drink muddy unsafe water that contains the bacteria that cause diarrhea, typhoid and cholera, and tiny eggs that can grow into worms inside of you.

This website contains lots of fantastic information about Ghana, which was formally known as the Gold Coast and that was the first African state to gain Independence after WW2. Change career Any age.

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Manual weed removal using canoes The combined effects of the reduced flow rate of the main stream and colonization of aquatic weeds have led to increased numbers of snails,particularly those serving as intermediate hosts of various schistosomiases, the most important being Bulinus truncatus rohfsi for Schistosoma haematobium and Biomphalaria pfeifferi for S.


The situation has not been very different in the lower Volta where disease prevalence, especially the intestinal type, has been on the increase.

The lake produced has generated small lake transportation, increased fishing, new farming activities along the shoreline, and tourism.

The problems encountered in the Volta basin, particularly of human health, resettlement and the environment were enormous. Transmission occurs in the lake itself.

The project had some negative environmental effects – the Volta Lake is now a habitat for disease-carrying insects such as black flies and mosquitoes. The VRA’s primary stucy is to manage the development of the Volta River Basin, which included the construction and supervision of the dam, the power station and the power transmission network.

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What problems does Ghana face? With a shoreline of 7,km, Lake Volta is big enough to be seen from space.

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There has also been a loss in the river based fishing industry. Failure to implement fully the recommendations of the preparatory commission; Failure to recognise the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to solving the problems. A recent discovery of oil in the Gulf of Guinea could make Ghana an important oil producer and exporter in the next few years.

Reservoir-induced seismicity has been recorded due to the crustal re-adjustments from the added weight of the water within Lake Volta.

This, in turn, brought about an increased demand for more electric power. Since there was no extraneous matter other then the river water from the main stream, pollution of the river was eliminated. Valco does not studj buy Ghanaian Bauxite though, it often sources its bauxite from Jamaica.