This way, you can quickly understand the context of the simulations given to you. By remaining on this website, you are accepting the use of cookies in order to offer you products based on your interests, gather statistical data and enable sharing on social networks. It is where the specific tasks and duties are written down. But this does not mean that you must not give it your all. More information I agree.

Read Up the Notice of the Competition — Go back to the notice of the competition since this will give you an overview of the kind of role expected for the certain position you are going for within the EU institution. It is designed to evaluate particular competencies, ie: To reserve a place please send us an e-mail at office trainday. This theme is an important aspect of the EU Strategy Get prepared for your aptitude tests!

The EPSO AC is an advanced approach to evaluate pre-defined competencies with specific simulations individual or in team. In the case sthdy exam, you will be tested on the latter.

Essay — After you have received and carefully read the assignment, it is then time that you proceed to writing the essay.

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It will keep you from going off track as well. The Case Study may be held in the participant’s second language. It is designed to evaluate particular competencies, ie: This will guide you to organize your thoughts properly while giving you the space to provide a well-rounded and thought out view on dase answers. The course is designed to cover a mix of the elements that are likely to be included in the real EPSO Case Study tests such as:. Printshots of the Case Study Module.


case study epso competition

The following article has been added to your cart: Remember that every piece of information counts. Here, you will be assessed for your ability to work both in teams and independently. For some AST competitions, for example, the case study is often replaced by an In-tray exercise.

case study epso competition

Here are further tips that will help you write well: Here, you will find important instructions about the exercise as well as your role, the time, and the questions that you are about to solve. As mentioned epsp, the subject of the case study reflects the tasks and duties expected of the position you are going after—either as administrators or as assistants. Therefore, it helps to carefully go over the Notice of Co,petition before taking the test.

Make sure that you understand the mission, the question, and your role. The case study is a technical test. Here is a sample of the assignment from EPSO: In this test, candidates dompetition analyse a problem, interpret data, consider alternatives and produce a written report describing their solutions or recommendations. In fact, it is one of the most vital component whenever you enter an EPSO competition. However in order to be able to organize the course the materials and presentation will be in English.

Analysis and Problem Solving — the ability to identify critical facts in complex competitoon and develop creative and practical solutions.


Furthermore, those competitions where the professional competencies are only scored with the Case Study, then your score has to exceed the pass mark. To give you a rough view, assistants at the EU institutions will typically be engaged in an executive or technical role in administration, finance, communication, research, or policy development and implementation.

EPSO Case Study

After contending with a number of selection stury, you have finally come and passed through the first initial tests. This structure will easily show your answers to the markers.

case study epso competition

You are now in the assessment centre phase. To fully give you knowledge on what to expect, you must get yourself familiar with the following:.

As such, you can gather how the test will involve information related to the task that you will perform for the job. Assignment — this is the important document that you will receive during the case study.

If this feels intimidating, you do not have to worry. Make sure that through your report, you have demonstrated the two for Administrators or four for Assistants key competencies assessed in the case study.

If you want, you can have a detailed correction of the test in order to better understand your mistakes.