It was found that if water accumulated to a height of 6 meters above the cleaning area, it could drain by gravity flow into the tank. They were of MIC, Chlorine, phosgene, carbon tetrachloride, mono methyl amine. Due to the conflict between Indian government and Union Carbide Corporation about the responsibility of what happened. Thirdly, the nitrogen pad provided a positive head of 15 to 20 psig within the tank so that material could be forced through the feed pipe to the transfer pumps. MIC production unit was added at to produce it on side rather than importing it. They warn some of the people outside the plant to escape.

They warn some of the people outside the plant to escape. Thirdly, the nitrogen pad provided a positive head of 15 to 20 psig within the tank so that material could be forced through the feed pipe to the transfer pumps. This because there is uncertainty about how water entered the tank UCC and the investigation firm tried to reproduce the water flushing theory by they failed. The only thing done for most of those poor people was drops in their eye. There was no strong wind to disperse the gas, no rain to react with the gas.

The second mitigation step is a vent gas scrubber. This is also called nitrogen blanketing or nitrogen purging. Skip to main content. At the time of the disaster only six of the twelve operators were still working and the number of the supervisors was reduced to the half.

case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

These first steps led to a change in the practice and education of chemical engineers in the US and Europe. In the available references and official reports, there is a lot of variation about the number of victims and different theories about the reason of the initial event caused that disaster. By Kamarul Nizam Mahmood.


Then ;pt case of dangerous chemical reactions occurring, solvents could be pumped to quench the reactions. This was enough to halve the pressure till adding agents to neutralize as much MIC as possible, and warn the people outside the plant to run away.

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There should be slip blind plates that could prevent cleaning water in the pipes from entering the MIC tank in case the valves were faulty. Investigations done later indicate that about lb of water entered the tank. Please help studyy interpret this – body language! It is clear that all of the above were operations management decisions, these decisions are made by line supervisors, and managers at the plant tas.

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case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

There were estimates about other died after two weeks, and other died as a result of diseases related to the exposure bbopal the gas. Moreoverthe disaster happened at night when there was convection current to push the gas to upper atmospheric layers No emergency plans for evacuation of people or medical treatment for any catastrophic gas release. Membership is required for download. Click here to sign up.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Ppt Download

Bhopal gas tragedy – US court rejects case against Union Carbide. Storing the MIC in large tanks more than the advised level.


Governmental estimates in talk about injuries include of temporary partial injuries and severely disabling injuries. The right action was to open the valve connecting the tanks and Government not ensuring compliance with regulations 6. This incident is considered the worst industrial disaster in the world. This includes replacing imported stainless steel parts with Indian carbon steel parts. The official number of immediate deaths was In the original manual, the measures should be done each one hour not two.

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case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

In a worker died after inhaling a large amount of phosgene [1]. Thus, MIC was stored without cooling, and, if a run-away reaction event should bholal, no cooling was available. Complete details on reading body language – pdf download 2 Replies 4 Files.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

University of Massachusetts Amherst, According to the operators, the pressure gage of the MIC tank had been malfunctioning for a week. Nitrogen or inert padding is commonly used in tanks holding volatile fuels or reactive chemicals.

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