Educating employees on CSR can improve profitability by supporting greater efficiency through less waste, water and energy usage. Evolution of an organisational system has ensured that the corporate social responsibility towards the primary milk producers, village and the ecological balance is fulfilled. Towards this objective Amul initiated blood donation campaign since Many national and multinational firms are booming in various developing countries. Log In Sign Up.

In , third year of their movement, more than 13,51, saplings have been planted. Amul’s Icecreams are made from milk fat and thus are icecreams in real sense of the word, while many brands in India sell frozen desserts made from vegetable fat. In last five years to the milk producers have planted around Before the GCMMF closes its financial accounts the co-operatives are paid price difference, the amount between the interim price and the final price. What is the importance of corporate social responsibility?

Every business organisation follows the same principle. Shruti Naik, for giving me an opportunity prepare a project on Corporate Social Ln of Amul. AMUL is also the largest exporter of dairy products in the country.

CSR Initiatives

In this way, the milk producers of Gujarat are ushering in a silent revolution of greening Gujarat. So as to maximise the earnings of the milk producers the GCMMF changes the product profile during the fiscal and directs its sales and marketing activities towards those products that would bring in maximum returns. To fulfill its corporate social responsibility towards its milk producers and co-operatives the GCMMF works on razor thin profits and retention of funds.

case study on csr of amul

After the identification of the chief coordinator for each district milk union, the organization of a task force for the programme was put in place. Annually Amul felicitate outstanding children of employees who have secured highest marks in 10th, 12th standards and Gold Medalist in graduation.


The GCMMF is managed by the board democratically elected by and from amongst the chairmen of the district co-operatives.

Most businesses would certainly flounder in not being able to achieve at least one or many of those expectations. In an era of global warming, Amul is contributing its share in making Gujarat lush green.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

Under Amul Yatra the distributors and their salesmen are taken on a visit to Anand. Similarly camps are organized in Amul Dairy Campus wherein employees and their family members join in donating blood. Many national and fo firms are booming in various developing countries. We at Amul believe that the sound education of its youth is the foundation of every state.

CSR Initiatives

During the fiscal, as the GCMMF finds that from stuudy earnings it is possible to pay more to the producers for milk, the final price cqse declared higher than the interim price being paid. But AMUL has shown the way. The milk from the village co-operatives is purchased at an interim price. But AMUL has shown the way.

To add fervour and enthusiasm in the programme at many places the Chairman, Managing Director and Board of Directors of Member Unions participated in the programme. Today, we are seeing increased awareness and active participation by business professionals in the development of CSR policies.


Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

First tree plantation programme 15th August, was carried out on “one member, One tree” basis. Anand Milk Union Limited. Invariably the price paid to the member-producers in Gujarat is higher by cas per cent than the national average. In this way, Then the idea was communicated to farmer members and they all welcomed it and enthusiastically agreed to implement the idea.

case study on csr of amul

Amul has made a trend in donating blood to the society. Every business organisation follows the same principle.

The project envisages encouraging the farmers to use high yielding animals and modern aids to increase milk production. Click Here For More Details. In the process Amul became the largest food brand in India cse has also ventured into markets overseas. The second tier is the district co-operative that processes milk into milk products, markets locally and sells surplus to the state co-operative for national and international marketing.

case study on csr of amul

Further, “Amul Green” movement has also been lf by International Dairy Federation for best environment initiative in the “sustainability category” during the 4th Global Dairy Conference held at Salzburg Congress Center, Austria on 28th April, The epicenter of the quake was located in Kutch district. No Year of tree plantation No.