Snapdeal has received 7 rounds of funding till date: The price chart shows following things:. FreeCharge is now rumoured to be close to acquisition by Paytm. Previously the startup had gone almost through the similar situation; getting blowback from Aamir Khan Controversy. The category is yet to make profit; but there is no denying that it is one of the highest margin categories, and the online market is nowhere near saturation. And it was the time for Snapdeal to take the journey to next stage. Soon Snapdeal ventured into a proper e-commerce site including categories like electronics, fashion, kitchen appliances, apparels and many more.

But working and focusing primarily on its goal, within 2 years, Snapdeal succeeded in making million user base. It has 25 million of user base and adds a new product every 20 seconds. Snapdeal is now the second-largest e-tailing company after Flipkart in India. Foreign Exchange — Wells Fargo https: Snapdeal claims that this service was aggressively pushed following demonetisation last year, and now more than 20 percent of the order volume at Snapdeal is shipped through Snapdeal Gold. Snapdeal has denied this when asked for comment. According to this person, the money was not shared with anyone—not even the exit money, which was promised to the leaving employees.

What really went wrong with Snapdeal?- A case study

We started building our team and capabilities for a much larger size of business than what were required with the present scale.

It is snappdeal that the figure will rise to 85 to 90 percent in the coming two years. Did we make errors in our execution? At that point of time, eBay was the only marketplace in India.

case study on snapdeal ppt

Other than that, Snapdeal launched various television advertisements for promotion and bring organic traffic to their portal. This service was not available for cash-on-delivery purchases. Even Flipkart is only building on those now. There is no specific trend for the best price over time.


Case study on snapdeal ppt

Over the last two to three years, with funding coming into the market, Snapdeal like many in the industry started making mistakes, the pptt said. They spent a lot of money to shout in the undifferentiated snapdesl. However, that metric does not look great when compared to Amazon Prime’s. Foreign Exchange — Wells Fargo https: The names like Myntra and Flipkart were entering the market at the same time. And it seemed true for a long time—until a few months ago.

What really went wrong with Snapdeal?- A case study

E-commerce is yet to make money stuudy India. Initially started as an offline business, Snapdeal went online in Retrieved November 18, Responding to case year’s mayhem”. With efficient implementation, it could have given Snapdeal a turnaround, but failed to make waves due to strategic mismanagement.

case study on snapdeal ppt

Thus, a simple copycat strategy is not supposed to work for long. The stusy is tapping customers in non-metros and tier-II and tier-III cities; 60 percent of its sales come from these areas, and Snapdeal is hoping to widen its reach. This strategy worked in favor of the company and soon the mobile traffic climbed and the result can be seen in terms of orders coming from mobile.

Mistakes were made, but lessons were learnt too. International currency exchange rates display how much one unit of a snapdeal can be exchanged for another currency.

Connectivity features of the phone are 3g, usb connectivity, bluetooth, bluetooth version: Learn from real practitioners not just trainers. They were unable to resource it to culmination because it needed a dedicated tech team of engineers which it was not provided with.

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A ssnapdeal model like Snapdeal needs to ensure that technology integrations work seamlessly and this is what Bahl is trying to achieve constantly. But the problem was that the margin was very less related to cost per acquisition that was snapeal high and the average revenue generated on each transaction was approx.

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When launched, Snapdeal was first of its kind. Every day on regular basis, promotional emails were sent to the registered users.

case study on snapdeal ppt

Stephen’s Day Sol Invictus Yule. The management-level exit was of Sandeep Komaravelly in January And it was the time for Snapdeal to take the journey to next snwpdeal. They end up putting colossal amount in these business models. In fact, after Flipkart-owned Myntra acquired it, Snapdeal had tried acquiring affordable fashion marketplace Voonik and luxury e-commerce platform Zapyle—according to sources with direct knowledge of the talks—but failed to take the talks to a serious level. In the backdrop of high valuations and lack of success shown by many players in the e-commerce sector will take a backseat now and many venture capitalist will start to focus on data-driven startups.

Language was, in fact, never the biggest issue to be solved to expand the customer base for e-commerce.