The closer the line is to the common origin, the less important is the performance objective to the operation. Visit the company’s websites and: A software developer may relocate its entire operation to India or China where skill labour is available at rates significantly less than in European countries. Staffing to support business strategy [Online] Available at: Keeping operations costs down All operations have an interest in keeping their costs as low as is compatible with the levels of quality, speed, dependability and flexibility that their customers require. Penang Mutiara wants to give to its customer the quality of service.

They achieve this by gaining a clear view of the company’s competitive or strategic goals and supporting it by developing appropriate operations resources. Communication is undervalued and underestimated, and perceived as difficult. And in this stage, the operation may have: Once we’ve done the planning we can anticipate possible problems and plan how to cope with them, or better still, prevent them from occurring in the first place. Because it can make these products cheaper than its rivals. In this part, Wernie Eisan will try to make the hotel become more flexibility to the consumers by keeping close watch on how demand service for room service is building up. This will for the operations to deal with urgent things.

We are constantly being asked to do the seemingly impossible – yet we do it and our staff think it’s great. New groups are constitude whose vales, beliefs, manners and some concerns may not be known.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

This may not immediately take it to the ‘first division’ of companies in the market, but at least it is measuring itself against its competitors’ performance and trying to implement ‘best practice’. When the organization is managing to do this, it is giving a cost advantage change what it does, how it Is doing it, or when to its customers.


Part One Introduction Redefine industry expectation s Clearly the best in the industry Stage 3 Link strategy with operations Stage 2 Adopt best practice As good as competitor s Holding the organization back Stage 4 Give an operation s advantag e Stage 1 Correct the worst problems Internally neutral Externall y neutral Internally supportiv e Externally supportiv e Increasing operations capabilities Figure 2. Customers might judge the dependability of an operation only after the product or service has been delivered.

The five performance objectives Broad stakeholder objectives form the backdrop to operations decision making, but operations requires a more tightly defined set of objectives that relates specifically to its basic task of satisfying customer requirements. For example, if the hospital has to cope with a sudden influx of patients from a road accident, it clearly needs to deal with injuries quickly. The first role of the operation function will be business implementation strategy.

In business, coordination is necessary because all business have goals. Many of the hospital’s costs are fixed and will change little for small changes in the number of patients it treats. The closer the line is to the common origin, the less important is the performance objective to the operation.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

The difference between stages 3 and 4 is subtle, but important. Small number of employees.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Questions 1 Draw a chart which illustrates the stages between an accident occurring and full treatment being made available. The objctives time your customers. Dependability means do things on time, well management and coordination with every operation process.


Wernie should introduce new strategies to supplement and implement further changes to enhance the existing strategy.

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Remember me on this computer. It is benefit to make life easier inside the operation.

Good service means that guest s return again and again. Atlanta Thrashers draft picks. This amounts to 12, items per year.

Most stores stock only a limited range of goods typically around compared with 25, to 30, stocked by conventional supermarket chains. Posted by The Red Writter at 2: It leads to more effective operation.

If a guest has a request, mtiara or she has that request now so it needs to be sorted out now. When staging a banquet, for example, everything has to be on time. Its Innovations timed to give organization maximum competitive ay.

A flexible hospital might be able to minimize the disruption by possibly having reserved operating theatres for such an emergency and being able to bring in quickly medical staff who are ‘on call’.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Communication improvement can show expected benefits and early results. And of course they must have the knowledge to be able lbjectives answer guests’ questions. It also reduces risks and inventories. Add this document to saved. For Mutilate, speed means fast response to requirements of external customers or new conditions, speedy decision making and speedy movement of materials and information inside the operation.