CIHR enforces its application deadlines, formatting rules, page allowances, eligibility guidelines and completeness policy in order to provide a fair playing field for all applicants: In addition, if your application is found not to be relevant to the research objectives of the funding opportunity or initiative it will be withdrawn from the competition. CIHR expects that all research applicants will integrate gender and sex into their research designs when appropriate. For figure mockups, I use Powerpoint, with tools for bitmap corrections crop, brightness, contrast, etc. Given the high competitiveness of competitions and the amount of time and effort involved in reviewing applications, you will likely not succeed, especially if it is sent to the same reviewers the second or third time around. If you plan to pay anyone, such as your student or technician, from the grant, do not include them as a co-applicant. Describe the roles of all co-applicants in your proposal.

Other programs may adapt or add criteria to address the objectives of the funding opportunity. Substantiating your claims will lend validity to your research proposal. You will find the instructions, and links to other mandatory requirements in the funding opportunity. Descriptive aims, also known as Yadda Yadda syndrome. If your proposal has a KT component, does your team include knowledge users? For figure mockups, I use Powerpoint, with tools for bitmap corrections crop, brightness, contrast, etc. Decided to offer some sage old guy advice on technical aspects of writing a CIHR grant, or any grant proposal.

The best parts of Google Docs are the integration of Paperpile and Document sharing.

The Art of Writing a CIHR Application – CIHR

Indicate if gender as a socio-cultural factor is taken into account in this research proposal. This content is monitored and evolves to ensure it continues to reflect the breadth of applications submitted to CIHR.


cihr research proposal format

The proposal at second draft should be shared to the lab. My Project applications are complete. Include Gender and Sex in Your Research Design when appropriate CIHR expects that all research applicants will integrate gender and sex into their research designs when appropriate.

File attachments created by the applicant may be prepared with the word processing software package of your choice, but they must be uploaded in PDF format.

Project Grant: Spring 2019 Application Instructions

This sub-criterion is intended to assess the quality of the project’s design and plan; including how and when the project will be completed. CIHR indicates, under each section, the total number of pages permitted.

This would assure the committee of the feasibility of the proposed work, since, as a co-applicant, the individual makes a firmer commitment to ensure that the work is completed. Attach supporting letters from institutional officials that attest that the equipment is not currently available at your institution. One easy killer comment is if they need so many data figures, why not just publish it. Moreover, they are highly respected researchers who are dedicating a large proportion of their own valuable research time to reviewing your application.

For guidance and resources on how to reswarch gender as a socio-cultural factor, please consult the CIHR website. For example, would one hour a week really be a meaningful commitment?

Project Grant: Spring Application Instructions – CIHR

Committees have been known to wonder if names were prkposal simply to increase the number of pages allowed in the application! The following information should be helpful to you as you prepare future applications to CIHR: For the current Open Operating Grants Program, the summary submitted with the Registration is also used to place the application in the most appropriate peer review committee by comparing its content to proposl mandates of the peer review committees, in discussion with the committee Chair and Scientific Officer.


cihr research proposal format

Of note, your application may not be reviewed by the same reviewers. The vague listing of stuff to do because everyone else does this. Even the most seasoned researchers often have to resubmit their applications before they finally succeed in obtaining funding.

Support Center Support Center. Make sure that your team composition aligns with the key aspects of your proposal, and also that propoosal are not missing a key player on your team. Note that researcch Nominated Principal Applicant will consent in Task 9. CIHR must be assured that ethics issues are satisfactorily resolved before it releases funds.

There are no signature pages required as part of the application submitted to CIHR.

cihr research proposal format

Do you have the appropriate experience to conduct your research, as required by the funding opportunity? The final committee selected will not necessarily be your first or second choice. The CIHR application process can be very complicated, especially for new applicants.

The Art of Writing a CIHR Application

It is the responsibility of the Nominated Principal Applicant to ensure the proposed project is poised for success. For more information regarding clinical trials, please refer to the policy on trials.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Want to learn more?

Team members should bring the necessary expertise to your proposal e. What you see is what you will get in the final PDF generated by Docs. Be sure to mention alternative strategies that you will employ if necessary. Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.