You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. User evaluation is also essential and should arise from a questionnaire or, preferably, direct user evaluation. The report demonstrates a thorough analysis of the system to be computerised. Administrator August 12, at 2: Paper 4 Further details of the project are to be found in Section 4 of the syllabus. Candidates choose, in conjunction with their teacher, a well-defined user-driven problem which enables them to demonstrate their skills in Analysis, Design, Software Development, Testing, Implementation, Documentation and Evaluation. Some options briefly described but difficult for the user to follow.

The teacher marks the projects using the marking criteria in the Guidance on Marking Projects section of this syllabus, after which moderation takes place according to CIE procedures. If a candidate completes any work for the coursework unit, then the work should be assessed according to the criteria and marking instructions, and the appropriate mark awarded, which may be 0 zero. Administrator September 3, at 1: Study Tour Reviewer Syllabus Rubric. Computer Systems, Communications and Software is the foundation for all subsequent sections. In this way, Centres wishing to enter candidates for Papers 1 and 3 can complete this coursework during the first year of the course.

Brief descriptions of coursewoek programming languages or software packages used, together with reasons for their selection, should be included in the report. This section covers basic knowledge and understanding, as well as skills.

The candidate clearly portrays the good and bad points of the system indicating the limitations, possible extensions and how to carry out the extensions.

CIE are happy to rely on the professionalism of teachers to ensure fairness with this work. Secondly to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to seek employment in areas that utilise computing.

Computer Science 9608 has been introduced in place of computing 9691

Administrator May 4, at 1: However there is a lack of completeness with omissions from the process model, inputs and outputs. The developed solution has logical flaws and is only slightly related to the design. Candidates should formulate the task 6991 negotiation with their teacher. Firstly, to provide a general understanding and perspective of the use of computer technology and systems, which will inform their decisions and support their participation in an increasingly technologically dependent society.


It may be submitted, along with Paper 1, at the end of the first year in order to qualify for the award of AS in Computing, or may be saved and submitted at the end of the two years, in addition to Commputing 1, 3 and the project to qualify for the award of A Level Computing.

Administrator October 22, at 3: The examiner must be left in no doubt the program actually works. Paper 4 this paper will couursework the project which is a substantial piece of work requiring analysis and design over an extended period of time, which is organized, evaluated, presented and submitted to Cambridge in a Report.

The solution may be implemented using one or more of: Alternative approaches have been discussed in depth. An attempt should be made to show that all parts of the system have been tested, including those sections com;uting with unexpected or invalid data as well as extreme coudsework. These should be fully annotated since this is important for subsequent development of the system.

Since the system in the technical guide will differ from one project to another, professional judgement as to what would be necessary coursewodk another analyst to maintain and develop the system has to be made.

It is envisaged that work on the Project will begin in parallel with work on Section 3. Candidates should not submit magnetic or optical media as part of their supporting evidence. Comouting copy the Coursework Assessment Summary Form at the back of this syllabus document and submit with both the Practical Programming Project and the Computing Project.



Paper 1 Theory Fundamentals — written paper. Add to collection s Add to saved. Clarity of menus, clear on-screen help and easy methods of inputting data are all examples of how the system can be made user-friendly. courwework

computing 9691 coursework

The emphasis is on analysing an existing system, and producing a computer-based solution to fit the needs of the user. A detailed description of processes should also be included.

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A detailed requirements specification based on the information collected has been produced. The contents of the guide should, where relevant, include the following: Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form.

Comments by teachers and others are of value, but the test plan must be supported by evidence in the report of a properly designed testing process. If a candidate completes any work for the coursework unit, then the work should be assessed according to the criteria and marking instructions, and the appropriate mark awarded, which may be 0 zero.

In u can only appear for AS exam if u want to take computer science All coursework is marked by the teacher and internally standardised by the Centre. The programming project is intended to allow candidates to demonstrate their competence in the skills of program design, ccomputing, testing and documentation.

computing 9691 coursework

There is no description of the relationship between the structure of the development work and the testing in evidence.