They found that students who reported studying for one hour or less per day received the lowest TIMSS scores. A Synthesis of Research, It should be noted that results of this study were based on a small sample less than 50 students and included almost exclusively White, non-Hispanic students. High-achieving students, for example, may do more homework because they enjoy studying and take more challenging courses that require them to complete more homework. Parents should rarely be asked to play a formal instructional role in homework. Only 9 percent of students reported spending more than two hours per night on homework.

Ana Rivas Logan Alberto M. However, students who reported studying between one to three hours per day received scores that were as high or higher than students who reported studying more than three hours per day International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, The researchers compared 74 students at a midwestern middle school who were taught by the same teacher and completed the same homework assignments. Help for Homework Hassles, Volume 1. Alfie Kohn b , however, has suggested that U.

Closing the book on homework: Balancing the Educational Agenda.

Tbing found that students who reported spending between minutes per day on homework received the highest average math scores. In addition, when students are always assigned homework at the end of class, it sends the message that homework is an afterthought Nuzum, ; Tavares, Homewotk have suggested several strategies that may help to increase homework completion rates: Educational Leadership, 68 110— School Community Journal, 23 1— Personal factors and teaching practices.


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A perspective on assessment and intervention M Boekaerts, L Corno. National Center for Education Statistics. The imperative for educational reform.

Educational Leadership, 68 174— Recommendations for Teachers Assigning Homework In order to increase both homework completion rates and the meaningfulness of assignments, researchers have recommended that teachers consider the following issues when assigning homework: Fires in the mind: American Educator, Fall The intervention included individual homework contracts, a homework check-in system supported by incentives, individual student-teacher conferences emphasizing homework responsibilities, and involvement aa parents in the homework process.

Teaching Exceptional Children, 36 3 Remedial and Special Homrwork, 19 5 A year meta-analysis, — The Metlife Survey of the American Teacher corbo, which included a survey of 2, grades students, reported that 89 percent of students said they felt stressed about doing homework.

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Volitional aspects of self-regulated learning L Corno Self-regulated learning and academic achievement, Comparisons of students from a western U. Helping Your Students With Homework: College- and career-ready standards.


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Helping Your Child With Homework. Hong and Milgram conducted a cross-cultural study on preferred homework styles. From Time-on-Task to Homework.

corno 1996 homework is a complicated thing

There is evidence that the relationship between time spent on homework and academic achievement may be curvilinear. While some students, such as those enrolled in advanced programs, have significantly larger homework loads, reports of a widespread homework problem appear to be greatly overstated Center for Public Education, c; Linver et al. Journal of Educational Research, 3— Remaking the concept of aptitude: The Elementary School Journal, 5 Black and Hispanic parents were more likely than White parents to believe doing homework was important and to strongly agree that doing homework helped students learn more in school.

Parental Involvement in Homework: Journal of Adolescent Health, 46 4— Learning what comes naturally.