I have done a lot of research myself, however I am almost bordering on too much research, and want some assistance in drawing me back in. Provided with the support of: She is amazing, she really has master a life designing and the way she communicates it is so touching and real. We cover some sensitive and extremely important ground. Albany’s literary roots are storied, deep and enduring, no matter the smallness of the burgh or its tendencies toward self-deprecation.

Put your whole heart into it. Authors, panels, workshops, times, locations, everything you need to know to enjoy Saturday’s event. On my to do list for a couple of weeks. Talk about your career? Off to do it today! It reminded me of your strategies for podcasting as explained in Tools of Titans. I confused Debbie Millman and Whitney Cummings.

What are you doing?

Provided with the support of: Thanks for a great episode. Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room. I hope people also join the conversation in one of the numerous Facebook groups that have been created around Tim and his work. I will be using the 10 year essay with my team as well. I believe other people would find value in it as well.


NYS Writers Institute at the University at Albany

It would not have moved me the way it did if I had read it in print. Thanks to Alex H for writing out the 10 year plan.

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Thanks to everyone who attended. I have decided to open an e-commerce store and would like to find a mentor or coach who could assist me with some questions on the initial set-up. Thank you for sharing the link.

creative writing ualbany

I totally understand the feelings of being alone due to the writig, and have been in therapy to focus on those feelings in myself. What are you reading? Anyhow, I loved the interview, must be one of my favorites. Glad to be part of this community Like Like. I Love this picture! What is your health like?


Is it possible to get a transcript? This podcast is absolutely of super value Tim. Very remarkable, inspirational, and invigorating. Thank you, Jer Like Like.


Albany Book Festival Sept. ,

Change your words, change your story, write your own fairy tale. For some, it is not. Thank you so much to both of you for this episode.

You really sold it. What kind of clothes do you wear? Debbie is a champ. It was very refreshing to listen to her honesty.

creative writing ualbany

Signing, selling and meeting with fans throughout the Campus Center. It just brings you into a meditative and reflective state. The capital city is a city of authors.

How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman (#214)

Thank you for this amazing episode. Do you have a boat? Thanks for sharing it.