Motivate the Data Providers To get good quality data L. It is also important to know when to pull away from an investment in a customer who is not worth it. Expected new IT system to deliver huge gains in productivity from automated claims processing and customer service. Have experienced project managers to monitor every stage of the process. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Cigna also underestimated the cost of the CRM project and overestimated how quickly they could go live with the new system and applications. Browse product reviews, blog posts and premium content on the CRM resource center page. Aim of the CRM plan: Successfully migrated another , members Launched MyCigna. The Pros and Cons. The Data Administrator A demanding job for which appropriate rewards must be given L. Dell has been doing both for 16 years.

Once the concept was proved, we had pressure from the top to integrate other applications as well. The politics of competition within the company is a real obstacle to developing a common, shared CRM database.

crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study

Despite Anania’s confidence in it, the changeover did not go smoothly, encountering several glitches. Dell CIO Technology challenges took a back seat to the challenge of breeding acceptance of the system to target users – customers and sales people, who are not technology professionals Hence, had to develop self-managing, simple tools L.

Make sure your back-end data is cleansed and filtered for front-end use – When it comes to data migration, take nothing for granted. This, in turn, would necessitate training staff on how these new processes would work and a revamp of customer service procedures to complement the new systems being put in place.


Outline Harrah’s: A CRM Success Story Cigna HealthCare: A CRM Failure – ppt download

Successfully cigns anothermembers Launched MyCigna. Corporate politics was not too bad because no single business unit lost control of its data.

Start small and get early wins Necessary for executive buy-in for funding support 6. People Issues Build or Buy or Rent? Cigna also underestimated the cost of the CRM project and overestimated how quickly they could go live with the new system and applications.

Strategy and Sales Program Planning. All gaming machines are computerized and networked.

Cautionary Tales and Tips to Avoid CRM Implementation Failure

It would have taken too much time and been too expensive. All the stakeholders who will be affected by the implementation and use of the CRM system should be involved in all stages to ensure that their requirements have been determined and will be met by whatever solution is chosen. Dell has been doing both for 16 years. Drive-in customers get food, entertainment, or cash incentives Most offers are time-sensitive, with tight expiration dates….

As a result, membership dropped implementaion And segment-based data are of limited use to ocrporation, hence the common misalignment problem between finance and marketing. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

According to analysts, one of the main reasons for Cigna’s poor customer service and the resultant reduction in membership was the failure of the restructuring of its information technology IT and CRM 3 systems, at its HealthCare division. Moving forward, Cigna slowed their migration and performed a more thorough examination of their processes, systems, and staff to better understand how their new applications could be best utilized once implemented.


Crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study ppt

Determine the profitability of your customers 2. The customer ends up mangled. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork Ensure timeliness of data Assign responsibility cade authority to a specific individual: Must consider what people think, what they believe is important and what motivates them Align these with the new processes May require changes in measurement and reward systems L.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. So we routed our customers into three different lines which created a visible differentiation in customer service. In CRM, there are absolutely no rules. Chapter 6 Enterprise e-Business Systems.

Cautionary Tales and Tips to Avoid CRM Implementation Failure

Due diligence must also be undertaken in the planning and strategy phases for choosing, selecting, and implementing a CRM system. As a result, customer service went haywire resulting in millions of dissatisfied customers.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage. Customer history and reward-point tallies are passed down from this database to the onsite mainframe corporatioj – which, in turn, relay the data to the card readers. A CRM system that is clunky and un-intuitive will be met with resistance by its users, decreasing the chances that the solution will be adopted by the people and departments that would be best served by such a system.

crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study

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