As long as you have not yet turned in your GS form, you will still have the opportunity to make changes to your manuscript. With the exception of a few elements of the manuscript, we are flexible within reason. If you seek additional feedback on your writing, we encourage you to meet with one of our consultants in the Graduate Writing Studio. These deadlines apply only to candidates of the EdD program in Educational Leadership. Candidate will receive notification of acceptance as late as one week after the end of the semester. We meet you face-to-face.

Tables and figures may be placed within the text, close to its first reference; together in their own section following the last chapter; or in appropriate appendices at the end of the document. Failure to meet the published deadlines will result in the assessment of a late fee. The Candidate may not make additional edits to the thesis at this point except as requested by their Committee or Reviewer. To do a thesis, you need a GPA of 3. Yes, you must be enrolled or you will not receive credit for your work.

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines

The introduction to the thesis should be readable by a person who has some mathematical knowledge, but is not necessarily an expert in the subject. With the exception of a few elements of the manuscript, we are flexible within reason.

csula thesis format

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines. Unless otherwise directed by their Committee, the Candidate need not have obtained Committee approval on the thesis or dissertation e. Some common style manuals include: If are not in the Los Angeles area or are otherwise not able to come to campus, please schedule an appointment anyway and include a note in the Special Note section that you would like to email your manuscript to theis reviewer.


If the Committee has requested edits to content, this is the final day to submit the edited dissertation to the Thesi ETD Administrator website.

Students are encouraged to prepare for their thesis, project, or dissertation as early as their first semester. The final version of csuoa manuscript uploaded to ProQuest at the time of your “Accepted” email will be the version available in the Cal State LA Library Digital Repository and in any hardcopies that you order from ProQuest.

These workshops are not mandatory, but are highly recommended.

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Not knowing is not an excuse! Typing of the document is double spaced. If you have requested a preliminary review via email, it may take your Reviewer as many as five 5 business days to reply. Yes, there are four deadlines you must meet each quarter, which are posted on the Deadlines page. Jump to navigation Skip to content.

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The prospectus will then be used to recruit a thesis cskla, normally consisting of the thesis supervisor and two other math department faculty members able to evaluate the thesis and oral defense. Students may not file the thesis or dissertation during Winter Intercession. You may not gather data until you have received approval.

Endnotes if any List of references Appendices if any Each preliminary page, each chapter page, the endnotes, the references, and each appendix must begin on a new page. Don’t leave money on the table! Title Page The candidate’s first and last names listed on the Title page, Copyright page, Approval page, and Abstract should be identical to what is listed on their official Cal State LA tjesis the candidate may decide whether or not to include their middle name or initial.


You must also obtain the signatures of all committee members and the department chair on the GS Form.

Appointments with Reviewers will be available according to this schedule: Your preliminary pages and section headings must match the sample pages. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you schedule an in-person meeting for your preliminary review.

This allows for better efficiency in communication. The candidate will list their department and degree on the title page according to the list of Colleges, Departments, and Degree Programs at Cal State LA.

Take care of yourself. How do I convert my file to PDF?

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In addition, candidates completing the thesis thesid dissertation during summer must have each member of their committee email Dr. Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to purchase their own copy of the required style manual.

csula thesis format

Failure to meet the published deadlines will result in the assessment of a late fee. The oral tyesis of a thesis is a public event. Some common citation managers include RefWorks, Endnote, Mendeley, and Zotero, among others Harvard University Libraries offer a handy comparison guide. Please be aware that faculty are not required to advise graduate students during the summer term.