Modeling System Requirements Page Add this document to saved. System should be easy to update in the field. But the clock on automatic resolution only starts ticking after we have responded somehow — sent an e-mail, done some work, whatever. Case study CTTS milestone 12 object We want to keep this secure from people other than clients and employees.

Case 1 Marquis and Almandoz Can an ethical bank support Viewing the list of components installed in a piece of equipment. The following diagram illustrates one possible solution. I need to do some thinking about whether I want clients to be able to mark a request as resolved. If system is not always online then need to replicate data between master database and copies. Ctts case study milestone 3 solution – Dental Vantage Upload document Create flashcards.

The service request part of the system should be online. Alternative solutions to be considered should be those that address the business requirements of the information system. The system should allow technicians to view and edit software configuration information in the field.

System Proposal Solution Page: Clients need to be able to service requests. We might view several unresolved requests and be able to mark ctt or two as resolved. They would probably know if the problem is still a problem.


ctts case study milestone 2 solution

Well, not entirely freeform. This was a productive session. Need to get in touch? If we do mark a request as resolved, solition the system records the resolved date and shows us the updated list of unresolved requests. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Prepared by Gary B. Make sure students identify a cause and not restate the problem.

ctts case study milestone 11 solution

That’s a good idea, Dane. Your Professor will provide the solution to the practice case study at the end of Both types of account require payment for the service in advance before you can log in.

ctts case study milestone 2 solution

If we are checking unresolved requests, then we need some way to mark them resolved — to take them out of the unresolved list. How do I get online? One is the need for barcode scanning equipment in the field. Ctts Case Study Milestone 6 Solution – gamediators. Remember our clients are our partners — and our bread and butter.

milestone 8 – the system proposal

The component and configuration parts of the system should not be online. Include web references to each of the dtudy alternatives.


The matrix appearing on the next pages is one example of a possible solution. First, I should only get to any of this functionality after I logon. I already know the basic functions for the system. Feedback Tips for Associate Teachers. Our static accounts by default ctt 2 logins at any given time. Therefore, one could come up with several case study template download candidates.

ctts case study milestone 2 solution

The system must make it easy for technicians to update the component and configuration information. I know that sometimes a client phones in a problem and Kathy needs to enter it to the system.

Causes and Effects Three-ring binder that holds information is disorganized and incomplete. The service request part of the system should have adequate security. Application Software A description of the software ctts be purchased.