Fotis Kouvelis Agricultural Development and Food: After the departure of the Communist Party of Greece from Synaspismos in , Tsipras remained in the coalition. Papandreou Rallis Averoff C. Zaimis Karapanos Zalokostas Al. Retrieved 9 October

As a university student, Tsipras joined the ranks of the renascent left-wing movement, particularly the “Enceladus” Greek: Andreas Xanthos Administrative Reconstruction: It also offered to reform the value-added-tax system to set the main rate at 23 percent. Alexis Tsipras Greece see European Council. His registered partner [65] is Peristera “Betty” Baziana, an electrical and computer engineer. Tsipras declared a substantial change for a better future for all Europeans is visible within 10 years.

Tsipras was born in Athens in His registered partner [65] is Peristera “Betty” Baziana, an electrical and computer engineer.

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Venizelos 2 Svolos 2 G. But will it work? Retrieved 23 September On the same day he was sworn in by President Karolos Papoulias as the youngest Prime Minister in Greek history sinceusing the words “I declare in my name, honour and conscience to uphold the Constitution and its laws.


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Alexis Tsipras sworn in as the new Greek Prime Minister”. In November he was succeeded by Tasos Koronakis and moved on to the mother party. Rallis Mitsotakis Charalambopoulos K. He joined the Communist Youth of Greece in the late s and in the s was politically active in student protests against education reform plans, becoming the movement’s spokesperson.

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Party of the European Left. Retrieved 21 September Retrieved 24 July He studied civil engineering at the National Technical University of Athensgraduating inand later undertook post-graduate studies in urban and regional planning.

curriculum vitae tsipras

Mavrokordatos Diligiannis Kalligas P. Olga Gerovasili Economy and Development: Retrieved 18 October The reforms also included removing value-added-tax discounts, cutting pensions and increasing deregulation. Voulgaris Koumoundouros Moraitinis D. Dimitris Vitsas Shipping and Island Policy: Metaxas Koryzis Tsouderos G.

Tsipras joined the Communist Youth of Greece in the late s. Inhe was elected as leader of Syriza, succeeding Alekos Alavanos.

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In Decemberat the 4th Congress of Synaspismos, he was elected a member of the party’s Central Political Committee and consequently to the Political Secretariat, where he was responsible for educational and youth issues.


Kollias 1 Papadopoulos 1 Markezinis 1 Androutsopoulos 1. Retrieved 7 November Leader cutriculum Syriza —present. Venizelos Othonaios 3 P.

curriculum vitae tsipras

Curriculu, wrote several studies and projects on the theme of the city of Athens. Both eventually became members of the Communist Youth of Greece.

On 27 SeptemberTsipras talked in the Clinton Global Initiative to Bill Clinton about the need to restructure the Greek debt, to make reforms in public administration and bring investments. Stergios Pitsiorlas National Defence: Foreign Ministers of Greece.

Tsipras was born 28 July in Athens. Leaders of the Opposition of Greece since Socratis Famelos Shipping and Island Policy: