By speeding up these payments a firm could receive this discount and which will increase the profitability. None of the tables showed a significant relation. Lecture Notes in Computer Science We provide a formal definition of several XML notions: In order to achieve the right level of abstraction and generality, we will use some methods and notions from category theory; using category theory is not an aim in itself. Traditional databases are not designed or optimized for deleting data.

The second part of this chapter addresses the choice of the dependent, independent and control variables. De begrippen en methoden die een rol spelen komen uit de categorie-theorie. Also the combined parts of WCM will be studied in the form of the cash conversion cycle. A better way of studying the longer term effect of accounts receivables would be based on quarterly data. A bigger percentage of These comparisons will focus on the findings of the non-crisis period of this study, because only this period has been studied by other authors. Management Science, 56 1 , pp.

The remainder of this page describes the publications in more detail.

Data source Data will be gathered using the databases of the website company. Hannah Arendt and political philosophy of technology with prof. This is a diissertation of the paper by Ceri and Widom, rephrased on a very abstract level and provided with alternative and simpler proofs. Contradicting evidence is found by Gill et al. This negative, significant and robust relation is also found during the crisis period.

In this note we consider one particular wish for a new definition of citation index of dissertatiln author: Technology and the Matter of Morality finished The authors of this body of literature on working capital are studying why firms decide to receive or to grant trade credit.


Dat idee willen we hier duidelijk maken. Accounts receivables can be seen as short-term loans to customers given by the supplying firm. Fundamenta Informaticae,vol.

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Working Capital Management WCM was discussed and the different trade-offs concerning the three parts of WCM, which are accounts receivables, accounts payables and inventories are mentioned. Also the positive effect of the current ratio is normal, because a good liquidity level is required by creditors such as suppliers.

Monetary and Economic Studies, Novemberpp Algebraic calculation is a good alternative; made possible thanks to a notation for various unique arrows and a suitable formulation of initiality, and the calculational properties brought forward by initiality.

The difference between the lowest CCC of 4,39 days and the highest of ,32 days is staggering.

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Toward a Theory of Technological Mediation. Higher inventory levels and production costs Another reason for companies to increase their finished goods inventory levels is to be able to produce in periods in which production costs are relatively low Blinder and Maccini, ; Eichenbaum, ; and Eichenbaum, They did find support for the price discrimination motives, because the data indicate that firms with higher profit margins grant more trade credit.

Life cycles discussed elsewhere regarding the informal and pragmatic aspects can be formally defined as a process model with some un-conventional features, namely: Also the sample focus of larger firms can have an effect on this relation. In iedere zak chips van het juiste merk zitten een of meer flippos: International Small Business Journal, 28 3.


utwennte Dijkstra and Scholten have argued that greater use should be made of the associativity of equivalence. Cardelli’s fundamental result was a semantics for his system that enabled sub-typing to be modelled as straightforward set-inclusion.

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Crisis Period The results of the regression analyses studying disssrtation relation between inventories and profitability during the crisis period is represented in the tables 4. Enschede, February Amount of Pages: Diagram chasing is an established proof technique in Category Theory.

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The results are presented in table 4. They operationalize the policies by calculate the ratio of total current assets divided by total assets, where a lower ratio means a relatively aggressive policy.

These are intended to contribute to the activities of the firm that holds them by establishing a lasting and specific relation and loans, which were granted with the same purpose Deloof, This credit term will give the seller the possibility to monitor the buyer more closely and could determine the risk of this investment.

This lack of significance using GOP as the dependent variable and the lack of robustness is likely caused by the various different types of organizations among the sample of this study.

Management Science, 45 6pp. Furthermore, the differentiation in data types used by web- based applications is ever growing, despite all standardization efforts. Principles of Managerial Finance.