In contrast, cocoa is also cropped under unshaded conditions. In Bahia high populations of this insect are found during March to July increasing the pollination of the main harvest safra. In contrast, Aneja et al. The expectation for the next 10 years, without considering India and China, is a consumption increase of nearly one millions tons of cacao seeds. In the interflush the stock of carbohydrates is reestablished and, with the return of a favorable balance, the appearance of a new flush can occur Machado and Hardwick,

Therefore, the main effect of overcoming IS in autoincompatible genotypes occurs when self incompatible and compatible foreign pollen are mixed permitting autopollination in autoincompatible trees Glendinning, ; Bartley, ; Lanaud et al. Background and rationale Sustainability certifications are rapidly growing in the cacao sector, and tropical agriculture more broadly. Local growers trust the government thinking they take measures to put the danger away. She said that lately, due to ebola, the cocoa’s market has rise prices. Similar responses were observed under controlled conditions by Sale , when cacao plants submitted to Anthocyanins are mainly restricted to ornamentation in petals and staminoids Alemanno et al.

This strongly suggests that the subsequent leaves in a normal flush grow under the deficit of a presumable factor that supports growth, such as carbohydrate, arresting, therefore, the potential for full size growth Machado and Hardwick, The knowledge of the effects of factors that affect the cacao growth and development under such conditions should even make it possible to engineer new practices for the traditional divoite areas.

Yapp JHH, Hadley P Inter-relationships between canopy architecture, light interception, vigour and yield in cocoa: However, heavy shade reduces seed yield and increases incidence of diseases; in fact, cacao yields and light interception are tightly related when nutrient availability is not limiting. Although illuminated, the greater synthesis of dissertarion only occurs after the leaves reach their maximum expansion Abo-Hamed et al.

Raja Harun RM, Hardwick K a The effects of prolonged exposure to different light intensities on the photosynthesis of cocoa leaves.


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Comprehensibly, these three items are crucial to seed yield and were examined in initial studies concerning cacao production Yapp and Hadley, The subsequent decline in productivity Bonaparte, is attributed to dsisertation losses of exchangeable bases in the soil, attack of insects and diseases, excessive leaf transpiration and increase of soil evaporation Ahenkorah et al.

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Ontogenetic changes in the leaf chl a: They also noted an inverse correlation between the number of flowers per plant and the auxin content, suggesting that the genetic control of auto-incompatibility in cacao can be modulated by the hormonal content of the flower and this could explain the great number of pods observed even after incompatible pollinations. It was suggested earlier, with regard to the fundamental points of cultural practices, that the control of both growth and density of cacao trees, as well as the increase in aeration and light penetration are necessary to promote increments in seed production Vernon and Sunderam, The removal of PF leaves at the I-1 stage also promotes reduction in the apex dormancy period.


dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

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Okali and Owusu and Merkel et al. According to Hasenstein disserttaion Zavadathis would explain the low concentration of endogenous auxin in clones with high flower productions high-flower producers.

Ecophysiology of the cacao tree

We have the point of view of 2 people. Once growth of the apical bud is resumed, rain plays a decisive effect on leaf expansion, this being one of the possible reasons to explain the vigorous flushing associated with rain occurrence following a period of humidity stress Alvim, Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, pp.

Heavy shade not only reduces seed yield Zuidema et al. These external locations of phenolic compounds can work as a chemical protective barrier against damages promoted by environmental factors Alemanno et al.


Cacao produces caulescent l, which begin dehiscing in late afternoon and are completely open at the beginning of the following morning releasing pollen to a receptive stigma. Content of these pigments fluctuates during leaf expansion total content of phenols remains high and that of anthocyanins decreases with maturity.

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It is, however, infrequently cultivated because of its high susceptibility to diseases Soria, At the end of this stage, cytokinin, imported from the root, accumulates in the apical bud and helps activating the break of bud quiescence in the transition to stage F-1 Alvim et al.

This decline was attributed to an increase in N mobilization dissergation expanding leaves. Annual Report on Cacao Research.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

On the other hand, light intensities lower that h yr -1 suppress flower production with a considerable depressive effect on pod yield Asomaning et al. Observations reported by Sleigh and later confirmed by Machado showed that a considerable percentage of 14 C assimilated by mature leaves is imported by leaves in expansion at the F-2 stage. F-1 – bud swelling: When measuring leaf temperature in the upper canopy layer of a non-shaded cacao tree on a sunny day, Valle et al.

Cerato-pogonidaepollination would be impaired since the viscous pollen does not come into contact with the stigma spontaneously Dias et al. There is some evidence that a high number of pollen grains is beneficial for overall pod set Hasenstein and Zavada, and that a high proportion of pollinations results from the visit of a single pollinator Yamada and Guries,