I would willingly send you my Logique des Academiciens if I could, but I no longer have a copy of it. This is an unfortunate consequence of the generality of the law. The heart of their disagreement comes out a few pages later when Arnauld states: He marvels at the complexity and variety of organic bodies, and the manner in which they are organized to assure propagation. However, Malebranche remains agnostic with respect to the following claim: This is a miracle permitted by Order because Order dictates that a world with Christ and simple laws is better than no world at all. But notice that even while asserting that there are reasons for God to act in such a way, in the next breath Malebranche further restricts the possibility of our discovery of any such events—we know why God would act in such a way, but we do not know 43 Malebranche, Recherche, Elucidation X OC III.

Any miracle occurring after creation would be required by the immutable Order itself. It was necessary that God alone have all the glory of the beauty and of the perfection of the future world. It seems, simply, that no such event is possible. I wish you both an eternal life. In the act of creation, God willed decrees and established simple and general laws that bear the divine character of His immutability. There is no way in which it would have been more God-like to intervene, especially given that nothing that happens in the natural realm including what happened in Eden could have had any effect on God. Nicolas Malebranche holds that God can act in two ways:

Malebranche on the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Particular Volitions. As we know, God can act either by general volitions or by particular volitions.

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The general laws of the communication of movement, of which laws the collision disserration bodies is the natural or occasional cause. We begin in section 1 with metaphysics. Once this knowledge is in place, we are in a position to execute the proposed method. Christ is this occasional cause.


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For some years he held the position of honorary canon at Dijon, but he resigned in order to take up his residence in Paris. First, why does God create anything at all? In section 2 we move to epistemology and address the questions of 1 whether, beyond the singular act of creation any other divine particular volitions have occurred or can occur, and 2 if so, whether they can be known to finite perceivers.

This distinction is relevant in both body-body contact laws of collision and mind-body contact laws of the psycho-physical interface. The answer, we suggest, is twofold.

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Because, to act by the simplest means with respect to the plans that we have made, is to proportion the means to the plans, which is reasonable. Malebranche maintains that 1 Christ is a necessary feature of a world in order for that world to glorify God. This order gives us the laws of physics, the constant conjunction of ideas with their [] appropriate sensory content, and the relation between ideas being revealed to us proportional to our attentive desire for them.

According to PC all volitions of God have particular contents, general volitions have particular contents that follow the laws, and particular volitions have particular contents that do not follow the laws.

If God did act by particular volitions, which is to say without occasional causes, we could not be as sure as we are about our [] chances of discovering truth and avoiding error. He owes it to Himself to follow the rules of His wisdom, He must always act in the wisest and most perfect way. We argue that beyond vériré and these five categories of general volitions along with a few other rather peculiar general volitionsit is very difficult to see any room for [] particular volitions.


Arnauld is committed to both the metaphysical existence of miracles and our having knowledge of them. Pierre Daniel Huet, Ode, cum inter aulae tumultus patriae desiderio teneretur. The wisest way of acting, and that which conforms most closely malebranchd His plan, would be the way that is most in accordance with the plan of creation that His own goodness dictated: It is a fact that one usually exits doubt without realizing it.

The matter quite deserves it, it seems to me.

dissertation malebranche recherche vérité

Even those events that are, in fact, singular have a set of necessary conditions for their occurrence that are discoverable. The grace of light is distributed by two kinds of occasional cause: There are, however, indications throughout the Malebranchean corpus that suggest that God can and does act by particular volitions.

Malebranche describes the grace of Christ as the grace of feeling [sentiment], and identifies it as the grace that determines salvation.

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I know that Plato’s ethics is the source of that of the Stoics, and especially of more moderns. Pierre Daniel Huet Translated by Elmar Kremer. While particular volitions are metaphysically possible as far as we are able to reason, we can never be sure that they happen.

dissertation malebranche recherche vérité

Some difficulty from booksellers has made me delay finishing the rest of this book. As far as the second dissertatin, things are more difficult. His philosophical standpoint was one of Academic skepticism: God knows that acting by particular volitions would save all men.