I will do that one day but too expensive at the moment. If the committee finds that not all relevant fields are covered, they might ask you to switch board members, and this means you lose time. Cancel reply Enter your comment here The earliest defense date will depend on that, so check the overview of committee meetings and dates. Report on the examination board survey Bibliometrics Bibliometrics is a useful tool for measuring the quality of the someone to write a paper papers of a thesis.

The Chair of the defence was there, though, to enforce a rule that we not talk about the thesis. If you can afford to, squeeze in extra weeks for contingency. Fourth checklist — public defence Study. Public defence of a doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Science. First checklist — before public defence application Do you have all pre-requisites?

Apply for public defence of your thesis

Check the meeting schedule of the Dissertation Committee and aim to submit your application on the submission deadline of one meeting. The ones coming up now are in March Solna and May Flemingsberg.

dissertation opponent karolinska

The most common form of thesis at KI is a compilation thesis with a general introductory thesis frame followed by a number of constituent papers. As stated above, the procedure varies between universities in Sweden and at the Karolinska Institutet we let the opponent start with an overview of the field for minutes, then the respondent gives an overview of the articles included in the thesis.

A co-authored article is dental assistant resume net to be considered joint production. Mikko Sams, thesis advisors: You can definitely use pictures or illustrations, just make sure you have permission to use them, and official rules say that you always need to keep room around the KI logo. Administrative officer Sofie Petersson Phone: Proceedings may not be concluded until all questions and discussion points from the opponent, Examination Board and the public have been exhausted.


dissertation opponent karolinska

Gelana Yadeta will arrange booking of the transfer and give you confirmation. The quest for consistency: If you wish to prolong your stay, please inform Mr. For a licentiate thesis, three copies are required.

If you would still diwsertation to use a separate “spikblad” you can download it under “Thesis templates” in the right column.

If nothing is previously published, one may use the heuristic that the core of the thesis has to be judged to be of a quality that is on par with recent publications of the above mentioned form.

The public defence

You apply by filling out form 9. SU will arrange accommodations in central Stockholm. Somewhere between a week and a day before your physical nailing, go to the library you will nail at and confirm again that they are open at the day and time you will be there. Hand in your application Send part 1B to this address via regular mail or KI’s internal mail system: In these occasions it it the duty of the karolinsa to karolinksa up the time with relevant questions to the respondent.

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While the manuscripts are being reviewed, focus on your kappa. This means that there must exist a common understanding between the main supervisor, opponent and evaluation committee in that all involved persons have made up their minds to the dissertayion decision to pass the thesis before the formal proposition of the public defense is submitted to faculty.


You can always find more typos, so keep a lookout for these.

This site uses cookies. New approaches to statistical analysis of fMRI data. The committee will look at this for real, and the most important thing is that they can see what you did, and what possible other Opponnt students who will use or have used this paper for defense have done.

Practical information for opponents.

Apply for public defence of your thesis | Staff Portal | Karolinska Institutet

Karolindka half time review. When your application for defense gets accepted, you will get an email with a link for the electronic nailing. Again, plan in some time for things to go wrong. The evaluation committee attends the defense act and has a formal decision meeting immediately afterwards.

Particle and sigma-point methods for state and parameter estimation in nonlinear dynamic systems. Fortunately, I was well briefed! This was just like the North American questioning by the examining committee, except that it was one-on-one: Thesis Defence and the role of the opponent.

Please note that SU does not cover any meals or drinks at the oppknent or at airports, except from breakfast if included at the hotel.

dissertation opponent karolinska