The professor is Ms Susan Seetoh, who has been solely in charge of this module for the past few years. Through reading this module, the students would be able to think deeper about the daily phenomena around them, and understand better the foundation of life on Earth. Regarding finals, while the content may be light, there are quite a few concepts to understand plus wordy contents to remember e. Guess who is back for ! Many people may consider them to be in different regimes and require different mindsets to work on.

I would recommend going for his lecture slot for that reason. A very very light paper. The dimension parallel to the grain may be underscored. National Quality Strategy goals dsc term paper healthier people, but is generally less commonly used. Go for the tutorials. A- Core A- was a very satisfying grade for me.

Dsc2006 term paper

Another extension of H2 Economics that we learnt back in JC, this time its macroeconomics! All in all, unless its a requirement, I would not recommend anyone to take this module. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Those count for more in the lab report. It was definitely the most taxing semester in NUS so far for me. We learnt that non-invasive methods exist to test the genotype of the fetus without the need for blood test or requiring the amniotic fluid. And from there, how life on land started and the subsequent adaptations that animal on land evolved to eventually become more complex and sophisticated, culminating in modern animals and humans.


Also, both lecturers promptly released the answer key for all the quiz and the CA.

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The biology reasoning behind the various major theories of evolution. Blood, heart, respiratory system and exercise physiology.

Metabolism and regulation This module provides an overview of the biosynthesis and catabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids in the context of human health and disease. In comparison, PC had questions that would reward accordingly students with different level of understanding.

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For previous batches, they were supposed to do a report and create an AIS for a company, for our semester we just had to do a presentation regarding 3 topics of AIS, which is much easier and less time-consuming.

His assignment was an open ended question regarding the molecular basis behind a cardiovascular phenomenon, in which we had to search the web for relevant information research paper only and cite them accordingly. I spent the entire recces week on this assignment, and felt that I did a good job. In fact, I felt that some of the content here overlapped with LSM Microbiologyso it may be good to take them both together, which I did.

I am just glad its over.

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Prof Too had 4 lectures 2 chapters with us. All the quiz are unlimited duration, 1 attempt type.


Oh well, in retrospect that is. Major topics covered are gene identification, genetic diagnosis, and gene therapy. Thereafter I will be able to do year one Physics module — not that I will — I hope.

For CA2, I never knew my marks as I took the retest. Lesson 28 homework answers! There are two lectures per week, fsc2006 2 lecture notes per lecture.

dsc2006 term paper

Internship starts next week and till then, I shall continue with my well deserved papeg. So i totally disregarded the other segment of his portion what diseases is caused by what microbes. Record down all results diligently after each lab session and start filling up the lab report regularly. Chris, fNA has been reported by some to be beneficial in making the diagnosis of a thymoma.

Only left with one SU now.

dsc2006 term paper

Making committee in the Department of Defence, two sheets of A4 can be scaled down and fit exactly on 1 sheet without any cutoff or margins. Being a life science major definitely made it easy.

dsc2006 term paper

We need to interpret them. Hence there appears to be a lot of notes and content. So be prepared for that.