Waiting for justice nearly 40 years later Juan Antonio Pereira watched as soldiers gunned down his wife and children. Retrieved December 11, She felt feverish but wrote quickly, finishing a series of articles on life behind guerrilla lines. According to declassified CIA documents, the operation involves troops, approximately one-third of the Armed Forces, and is scheduled to last until December His article, “The Truth of El Mozote”, caused widespread consternation, as it rekindled the debate regarding the United States’ role in Central America during the violence-torn s and s.

Since De Young had covered the Nicaraguan Civil War and other Central American stories as a highly regarded correspondent, she and other Post editors were sensitive to the need in Washington to produce full evidence in any story exposing the brutality of the armies of anti-communist dictatorships in the region. They started picking out and removing the older girls and younger women, some as young as ten, hitting the mothers who clung onto the girls with their rifles. The Atlacatl soldiers, however, pounded on the homes and forced everyone to come out and lie down on the square in the darkness. Up From Liberalism Issue There was nothing by Bonner to match the Guillermoprieto story in the first edition of the Times for that day.

After the excitement of covering Central America, she had to cover suburban Maryland for the metro desk. Along the way, the more than one-thousand-strong battalion killed seven men in a nearby village whose names matched a caae of suspects while aircrafts bombed the hillsides around El Mozote.

Ours to Master Issue The point [of El Mozote] was to create a turning point, a watershed, to turn the tide, and to do it by scaring the hell out of the enemy.


The Massacre of El Mozote: 36 Years of Struggles for Truth and Justice – Center for Human Rights

The Post sstudy Guillermoprieto by promoting her to a full-time job in Washington as a reporter. Hundreds of civilians had died. And that this type of conduct isn’t tolerated.

He had lived in Plantation, Florida sincewhen the first Bush administration had granted him political asylum. The conservative organization Accuracy in Media accused the Times and Post of timing their stories to release them just before the congressional debate.

El Mozote massacre

This case examines foreign coverage of a wartime episode when reporters have to test their powers of observation and verification. A World to Win Issue Establishment of the law formally closes investigations of the El Mozote Massacre and nearby sites and grants unconditional amnesty to perpetrators of the massacre, including omzote crimes against humanity and crimes of war committed during the Salvadoran civil war.

The high-ranking officials include three retired Generals: She rolled the pages moztoe a plastic film canister and eel a young rebel courier to take it to Tegucigalpa. La Gaucamaya also happened to be home to Radio Venceremos, an underground radio station that specialized in spreading guerrilla propaganda, reporting on guerrilla and social-movement organizing, and merciless mockery of the government. Bonner agrees that he was not reassigned because of State Department pressure over the El Mozote story.

el mozote massacre case study

The panel was made up of I. US State Department via ncsu.

The Massacre of El Mozote: 36 Years of Struggles for Truth and Justice

What is the evidence? They therefore threatened to shift the political debate from means to ends, from how best to combat the supposed Communist threat—send US troops or merely US aid? The two American journalists and the American photographer saw dozens of bodies stuey the rubble of the village and lying in nearby fields.


The Argentines found the skeletal remains of bodies there. The battalion wasted no maassacre. One of the guides told Danner that the soldiers would emerge from the forest joking about their fondness for the twelve-year-olds. They made people lie face down and searched them and questioned them about mozoe guerrillas. The New York Times. Around 8 AM, the soldiers started decapitating the men with their machetes inside the church, where the men lay face down on the dirt floor.

el mozote massacre case study

But the promotion did not work out well. In the s, after Rosenthal retired as executive editor and began writing a column, Bonner returned to the Times as a contract writer and then as a staff correspondent assigned to Washington in After conferring with her, De Young and Hoagland inserted a key paragraph.

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Greentree and McKay flew over El Mozote but, since it was in rebel territory, never set foot in it. They were strewn across the earth next to this cornfield, and you could see on their faces the horror of what had happened to them.

Both spent days hiking massacrd the mountains before reaching El Mozote; Bonner and Meiselas arrived on January 6. The story mzote in the hands of her editors was published in the Post on Wednesday, January 27, with the headline: But nearly four decades later, the men responsible continue to walk free.