He thus re-directs philosophy from morality to politics: IX 95 5 Overall the course will have the character of a seminar. Of Parties in General 1. Epicurean and Stoic themes in European Thought pp. Search the Blog Search for: What is it Sc 8?

If Hume defends a sort of subjectivism about taste and beauty, he needs to address relativity see STT , and the paradoxical pleasure we derive from tragedy the paradox of painful art see TR. How Epicurean Metaphysics leads to Epicurean Ethics. A shift from self-interest to public interest. He was most likely a vegetarian. During Epicurus’s lifetime, Platonism was the dominant philosophy in higher education. All other worship is indeed absurd, superstitious, and even impious. Epicurus – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

However, in the first and second centuries Daid, Epicureanism gradually began to decline as it failed to compete with Stoicism, which had an ethical system more in line with traditional Roman values. Hume has in view Thfsis, Mandeville, and 2. We thus think feel it is wrong to break promises, and right to keep them. But this alone does not explain why we have a moral obligation to government. Questions 11 and 12 are the most relevant.

epicurean thesis david hume

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Note that there is a sheet with general background information Handout 4.

epicurean thesis david hume

Epicureanismatomismmaterialismhedonism. But when asked about the grounds for fidelity, then can only appeal to allegiance. Alchemy Criticism of science Epistemology Faith and rationality History and philosophy of science History of science History of evolutionary thought Logic Metaphysics Pseudoscience Relationship between religion and science Rhetoric of science Sociology of scientific knowledge Sociology of scientific ignorance.


Epicurus strongly favored naturalistic explanations over theological ones. While on the surface everyone praises justice, say, and while it is obvious that the very notion of virtue implies praise—what a just action is varies substantially between times and places e.

Indirect passions are most relevant for morality.

epicurean thesis david hume

This is superstitious for its blind and uncritical reverence to authority. The good life is the pleasurable or pain-free life.

Hume and human error

To find out more, including how to hime cookies, see here: Of the Standard of Taste These two essays are longer than our previous ones. Epicurus’s Letter to Menoeceus jume, possibly an early work of his, is written in an eloquent style similar to that of the Athenian rhetorician Isocrates — BC[16] but, for his later works, he seems to have adopted the bald, intellectual style of the mathematician Euclid.

The Epicurean hedonism grounds in a flawed view of human nature: He then founded a school in Lampsacus before returning to Athens in c.

Can we learn anything from the ancients? Occasionally, there will be reading and interpretation exercises or brief group work.


Hume and human error

The Therapy of Desire: Wherefore we call pleasure the alpha and omega of a blessed life. But Hume claims that such as reduction is impossible, because allegiance is grounded in public interest just like justice and fidelity. Epicurus was an extremely prolific writer. To be uneasy about something is to disapprove it.

Successful art exploits our natural sentiments by employing appropriate composition and design.

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Only empirical inquiry can establish reliable ways to elicit the approval of taste. Coursework is an integral part of all weekly classes and everyone 3. The four essays explore the nature of the good life, and thus happiness, and philosophy can be, or is, a means for achieving it: This entry was posted in EpicurusPhilosophy and tagged essayhumestoicism. People List of ancient Greeks. For it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.

To encourage a confident approach to short philosophical texts, and up until the course start date to do so. XI 32 9