Miskeen Ali October 17, at 7: Eaten with fried puri, it is as close to heaven as one can get. Tariq Aziz November 25, at As this fish is rich in oil the secret of how much oil to put in the cooking of the gravy becomes important. A lot of attention is given to how the food is prepared and what combinations of dishes are best. Block printing is thought to have been first used in ancient China , at least as far as movable type is concerned. The children in Sindh should be taught in their own language which will make it easy for them and ensure that Sindhi continues to develop in keeping with modern times.

In this way due to exchange which extracted through the ages of different customs, traditions, things, assets, national and religious values of guest companies Sindh became lodging of complex civilization and ideologies. Sindh has a rich heritage of traditional handicraft that has evolved over the centuries. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Before the adoption of the present script, Sindhi was written in a number of different but cognate scripts derived from Devanagari. Bhitai was also an excellent musician.

Kamran Brohi December 17, at 9: Hence, a Sindhi Cultural Festival is a compound of folk dances, music and entertainment for local people. Abbasi January 15, at 4: Sindhi cap, one of the symbols of Sindhi culture. Pakistani culture Pakistani shawls and wraps Sindhi culture.


Sindhi Cultural Day

The cap had been incised in orchid shape at its opening, in a way that complete head covered whereas the forehead remained open. On my feeble feet shall I walk. Then well sacrificed my life will be.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

Then on my head shall I roll. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sindhi culture, history and heritage are highlighted at the events. Malpuras are a kind of deep fried pancakes.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

Mirror work is also highlighted through Sindhi culture which is called GAJJ and aplic work and it is also very popular nowadays. Another social value is to touch the feet of elders and old people to honor them this ritual is commonly followed by every Sindhi.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

The language of the people of Sindh, after coming in contact with the Aryan, became Indo-Aryan Prakrit. Notify me of new comments via email. During the era of Yehya Bermki a Sindhi physician named Ibn-e-Dhanna had been appointed an administrative officer at the hospital of Baghdad, this man introduced there Sindhi method of treatment.

Baloch Pashtun Punjabi Sindhi. Early human settlements in sinchi lower Indus Valley found a way of cultivating and using Gossypium arboreum commonly known as tree cotton to make clothes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is the timeline of celebrations of the Sindhi Cultural day.

Ajrak – Wikipedia

Consulate Celebrates Sindh Culture Day”. Dodo chutney Millet-flour kneaded with spices sjndhi unleavened on a skillet and eaten with garlic-based mint chutney. If we elaborate the impression of Ajrak, it is pertinent to know about its importance and use to its native and how it is made.


Language is the soul of a nation. A bust of a king priest excavated at Mohenjo-daro shows him draped over one shoulder in a piece of cloth that resembles an ajrak. First it makes the guest feel comfortable with the host.

This page was last edited on 11 Mayat Festivals in the Sindhi calendar. Over the years, ajraks ajrk become a symbol of the Sindhi culture and traditions. Arab traders accustomed sugar candy in Sindh and took horns of rhinoceros from here to sell in China. Food is very important in Sindhi culture. On the first day of the show they highlighted the cultural traits of Sindh. Pakistani women wear an elaborate and heavily embroidered dress known as gharara on their wedding days.

On this day we can see in news almost all the cultural shows being celebrated in educational institutes and exhibitions in the country.