Bamboo is found extensively all over the State as a predominant plant in the foothill regions of Peren, Dimapur, Wokha, Mon and Mokokchung districts. The population was evacuated. Forestry is also an important source of income. What in the World Is God Doing. The key thrusts of Nagaland’s tourism are its rich culture, showcasing of history and wildlife.

The farm productivity for all crops is low, compared to other Indian states, suggesting a significant opportunity for farmer income increase. Archived from the original on 12 December The state has at least four species which is endemic to the state. Limestone, marble and other decorative stone reserves are plentiful, and other as yet unexploited minerals include iron, nickel, cobalt, and chromium. So far 46 species of bamboos have been reported from the State.

States and union territories of India.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

Retrieved 30 August The mountains of the Naga Country have a forthright, inviting and lovely look, covered with every green vegetation and full of life. Our country is poor and it does not pay for any administration. Other than English, Nagamesea creole language based on Assameseis widely spoken.

Vegetation of Nagaland

essqy Vegetation of Nagaland The Vegetation of Nagaland represents the transition zone between the Indian, Indo-Malayan, Indo-Chinese bio-geographic region as well as a meeting place of Himalayan Mountains with that of Peninsular India and therefore acts as a bio-geographic gateway.

In addition, the arrangement of the mountain range such that it creates rain shadow areas where the conditions are dry and hot supporting even species of the desert regions. Blyth’s tragopan Tragopan blythii. Coal dust inhalation causes black lung disease among miners and those who live nearby, and mine accidents kill thousands every year. Tragopan Breeding Project in London U.


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Retrieved 6 March There are also seasonal songs which describe activities done in an agricultural season. Archived from the original on 6 March HinduismIslam and Jainism are also found in Nagaland. Though our land at present is within the British territory, Government have always recognised our privacy rights in it, but if we are forced to enter the council the majority of whose number is sure eseay belong to other districts, we also have much fear the introduction of foreign laws and customs to supersede our own customary laws which we now enjoy.

All life requires water for existence, nataland the soil, the topograpgy and rainfall over Naga Country contribute to a plentiful supply of water sources – one at least to every square kilometer of land.

Limestone, marble and other decorative stone reserves are plentiful, and other as yet unexploited minerals include iron, nickel, cobalt, and chromium.

After that war, the British adopted a policy of respect and non-interference with Naga tribes. Retrieved 21 March Without hardly any scientific knowledge engaged in the process of coal mining it is going to create a whole lot of environmental hazards and various other problems in the long run.

Inthe Nagaland Assembly proclaimed English as the official language of Nagaland and it is the medium for education in Nagaland. We have no unity among us and it is only the British Government that is holding us together now. Catholics are found in significant numbers in parts of Phek district, Wokha district and Kohima district as well faauna in the urban areas of Kohima and Dimapur.

The men would go on an expedition against other tribes or neighbouring kingdoms, and kill to score a number of heads they were able to hunt. Miles BronsonNathan Brown and other Christian missionaries working out of Jaipur to bring Christianity to the Indian subcontinentsaw the opportunity for gaining converts since India’s northeast was principally animist and folk religion-driven. Where in the world would one find a flying lizard singing a more heart-rending strain than the nieghtingale bird?


Naga people form the majority of the population. Festival highlights include traditional Naga Morungs rxhibition and sale of arts and crafts, food stalls, herbal medicine stalls, shows and sales, cultural medley — songs and dances, fashion shows, beauty contest, traditional archery, naga wrestling, indigenous games, and musical concerts.

For most plant species, there is a growing season, a dormant season, and in between, a short flowering and fruiting season. An interesting aspect of the flora of Naga Land is the abundance of edible wild plants and fruits.

Flora, Fauna, Peoples Life and Coal Mining in Nagaland

All the tribes of Nagaland have their own cuisine, and they use a lot of meat, fish, and fermented products in their dishes. This was recorded as ‘Naga’ and has been in use thereafter. The women, as a cultural practice, would encourage men to undertake head-hunting as a prerequisite to floraa.

Most people cultivate rice as it is the main staple diet of the people.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

But, its mountains are not craggy, awesome and precipitous as in the Himalayas. Census of India [51].