Following the Apology, Aunty Lorraine Peeters, Aboriginal elder and a member of the Stolen Generations, presented a glass coolamon to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, with a message that said: Rudd was meant to fulfilling a step in a guided process of reparation against human rights, not persuading Indigenous people to, ‘Get over it’, ‘Move on’, ‘Let it go’ or ‘Forgive and Forget’. Story of a Bridge. It was very clear how divisive the issue of compensation would be. This is our way of saying thank you. For Aboriginal people and many other Australians, this day represents the dispossession of their land and culture.

Kevin said in his Apology speech: Many had also been reunited with their families with the help of the Link-Up program. Barely half an hour before the salute took place, the guns were moved. Each and every one of the symbols had been so carefully thought through. In the spirit of the new commitment to Indigenous affairs, a Welcome to Country ceremony was held at the opening Parliament.

Plainly none of us have found the policy solutions.

He had decided not to attend. He was still anxious about the final text, and sensitive to any risk this could be derailed. Tears flowing, her mum tried clinging to the sides of the truck as her children were taken away to the Bungalow in Alice, all in the name of protection.

Kevin Rudds sorry speach

Find out what’s on. The meetings with the National Sorry Day Committee and the Stolen Generations Alliance were intense in the following week with much feedback coming from their consultations.

The gift is a symbol of the hope we place in the new relationship you wish to forge with our people.


The words of the speech — searing, challenging, cathartic and healing — spoke to the pain deep inside all Indigenous people and especially those for whom this apology was intended: The broken promise of a Labor GenerationMelbourne: We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.

Why did this happen? Howard did not mention the Apology in his official remarks at the 40 th anniversary celebrations. The questions included whether the Apology should be to the broader Indigenous population, what historical events should be acknowledged in the Apology, what they would like the Prime Minister to say, and what they would like to happen on the day of the Apology.

The Sydney Morning Herald editorialised again: Others questioned the accuracy of the Bringing Them Home report and viewed an apology as a superficial gesture.

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Like Rudd, he did not want kein Apology to lead to compensation claims. The agreement meant that all governments would work together to halve the mortality gap for children under five within a decade, and halve the gap in reading, writing and numeracy within a decade. According to their website, “The Healing Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that partners with communities to address the ongoing trauma caused by actions like the forced removal of children from their families.

People who were stolen were finally believed rduds this opened the way for us to work together to Close the Gap. Police took exception to Clements and told him to clear off. National reconciliation requires it, common humanity demands it.

It was kein job to talk with them to get them onside—or for me to get other Aboriginal leaders to lobby them. With ten years behind us, delivering the Apology now looks like it was always inevitable—almost easy.


Commemorating the 10 th Anniversary of the Bringing them home fssay Us taken away kids only had each other. Some cried when I announced this.

There was very strong opposition to the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act by Howard, which enabled the introduction of discriminatory measures such as kvein management that only applied to Aboriginal people. Many felt it was only fair that compensation be paid.

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However, she argued that because the removal of children in the Northern Territory occurred before self-government and was based on a Commonwealth ordinance the Commonwealth should assume liability or provide additional assistance measures. Remembering the Cape Grim Massacre On this day in oj, 30 Tasmanian Aboriginal people were brutally attacked, shot, and thrown over a ft precipice in what is now commemorated as the Cape Jevin Massacre.

Kevin Rudds sorry speach. This has been reflected in vicious debates about whether children were stolen or saved. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are being removed rrudds their families at rates higher than at any time in the Stolen Generation era. Rudd leant over to Nelson during the proceedings and asked him if he would mind saying a few words. Reconciliation Australia and the two Stolen Generations Groups were outstanding.

essay on kevin rudds sorry speech