It means to join, connect or unite. On this type of essay, essay will promote your child’s skills in Hindi as well as their writing skills. Thousands of years ago, on the banks of Lake Kantisarovar in Himalayas, Adiyogi shared his knowledge into legendary seven sages as it was hard to put all his wisdom and knowledge in one person. It helps in finding inner peace and leads to union with self. Practicing yoga in daily life regularly prevents from various diseases as well as cures fatal disease including cancer, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, heart ailments, kidney disorders, liver disorders, gynaecological problems and variety of mental problems. However the practice of yoga was declining day by day in such a crowded and hectic environment.

It is the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. It is included in the Indus valley civilization, Buddhist and Jain traditions. It also contains the breathing techniques and exercises. The practice of yoga in daily life provides internal and external strength to the body. Yoga helps to discipline our sense of power with the , power of our own. To make people aware of yoga and its benefits about the world Essay 5 on Yoga words Yoga has been a very important and priceless gift given to man by nature since ancient times, which keeps humans together with nature throughout life. Through yoga you can explore profoundly the very mechanics of life.

Following India’s initiatives and suggestions, on June 21, the announcement of International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day in the United Nations General Assembly includes Yoga Pranayama and Kadal-Yoga Activities, the most effective breathing verb, due to regular exercise, People get relief in respiratory problems and diseases like high and low blood pressure.

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It helps a person to get higher level of consciousness by getting control over the body in all aspects like physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. To increase its awareness about all the benefits all over the world, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has suggested to the United Nations General Assembly to declare the 21 st of Oygasana as an international day of yoga. However, Maharishi Patanjali is known as the father of Modern Yoga.


According to the studies, Yoga was being practiced under the direct guidance of a Guru and its spiritual value was given a lot of importance.

The practice of yoga is to bring about spiritual advancement through self-development in body and mind by controlling internal energy. It was born in India a long time ago.

Yoga is like a practical philosophy which develops self-discipline and self awareness within us through regular practice. Importance of Yoga Human beings are made up of three components — body, mind and soul corresponding these there are three needs — health, knowledge and inner peace.


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This is not physical action only, because it enables a person to control mental, emotional and spiritual thoughts. Apart from these benefits, yoga also helps in flexibility of spine, induces relaxation and strengthens lower back.

essay on yogasana

Yoga focuses on your natural tendency towards health and self-healing. Tissues have to grow. To make people aware of yoga and its benefits about the world Essay 5 on Yoga words Yoga has been a very essaay and priceless gift given to man by nature since ancient times, which keeps humans together with nature throughout life.

It requires safe, slow and controlled physical activity with controlled breathing. Ygasana sharpens the human mind, improves intelligence and help in high level of concentration by steadying the emotions and feelings. Daily yoga practice provides inner and outer body strength. To gain benefits from all the yoga yoga, there is a need for safe and regular practice.


It is type of exercise which helps in learning physical and mental discipline through regular practice. Flexibility — People nowadays suffer from joint pains, face difficulties while bending or touching their toes.

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The fossil remains of Indus-Saraswati civilization are an evidence of the presence of Yoga in ancient India. Practicing yoga teaches us about the body and mind discipline by uniting or connecting both body and mind. In this festival, every place The effects are immediate and the results keep becoming more apparent.

Essay 2 on Yoga words Yoga is the safest medium for connecting nature with body and mind. Indian Prime Minister, Mr. The role of breath is very important in the practice of Asana or Yoga positions. International Day of Yoga. Nowadays, yoga needs to be practiced again to improve the lives of people. It regularizes the connection between three components of our body such as body, mind and soul. When the physical health is intact, the mind is clear and focused and there is no more.

It regularizes the functioning of the all body organs and prevents the body and mind to get disturbed because of some bad situations and unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga is very safe, easy and healthy way to get fit whole life without any problems. It also reduces the side effects of heavy medicines consumed daily. If we peep into the benefits of yoga, they are numerous.