The waste is smoke, black smoke. In our transportation system, the problem is not only too many cars, the problems are the maintenance of the traffic light, the government is very unconcerned about his problem, if one is broken, it’ll take more than a month for the government to deal with it. Jakarta Agenda Setting Workshop. That is against the fifth principle. Send us your feedback in the comments below! In my opinion, there are two policies that should be pursued in order to tackle both reasons for population growth in Jakarta:

I thought they have good salary, but why they still do Corruption. The ozone layer is very important because it is protecting us from the ultraviolet ray produced by the sun. The warming of the earth affects the ices in both poles, they melt faster than predicted, which means the sea level will increase drastically, the whole world is going to drown. Many cars in Jakarta are not use properly. In Jakarta the word Corruption is familiar to most of the people; they know that Corruptions happened everywhere, by everyone, in everything.

This method is going to be applied by the government.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Belum lagi tidak adanya sinergi antar penegak hukum, seperti penanganan kasus Kondesat yang pemherantasan Bareskrim Polri. In order to solve this space problem, we have two solutions; the first is to burn all the trash, or to recycle them. However, whatever type of begging is not good, because people could find work if they really desire it.

Since Jakarta is the Central of Indonesia and have the biggest population, we must care and protect each other because we are living in the same city. They took money which not belongs to them.


In the rain times, my central city Jakarta and the other places seems to have much water.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Sections of this page. Like those islands claimed by the other nation, not to mention our sea territories, if only the government works harder, we won’t have lost those territories. The unemployment causes pemberantaaan for the people to raise their living.

They can do that corruption because their job in the governmental, the missing their job.

Implementasi Revolusi Mental dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi di Kejagug “Memble”

How if they still like that? Flood No Respiration Area Because we lack of plants and trees causes lack of respiration are, so when it’s raining, there is no respiration, if the rain is getting harder, it may causes flood, which inflict great damages and loss everywhere and in every sector Too Many Rubbish Rubbish is one of the biggest problems in Jakarta. Jakarta — Pakar Hukum Pidana dari Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia Prof Dr Suparji Ahmad menyatakan, bahwa sejauh ini proses pemberantasan tindak pidana korupsi di Indonesia faktanya masih banyak kasus besar yang belum terselesaikan oleh Kejaksaan.

I thought they have good salary, but why they still do Corruption. Those things happened in the government too. Many cars in Jakarta are not use properly.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Overpopulation can be simply described as a situation in which too many people live in a city. They appear in nearly each and every pemberantassan of Jakarta.

This pollution also caused the pollution of the water, it can also infect the land, so that, the land will became dysfunctional. Hal tersebut essag, lantaran pimpinan korps Adhyaksa itu telah gagal mengimplementasikan revolusi mental dalam pemberantasan korupsi di Indonesia.


The acts are different. Many cities in Indonesia have or will have this challenge in the future.

The ozone layer is very important because it is protecting us from the ultraviolet ray produced by the essau. They have got high salary, but they still want get money, in the wrong way.

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They korups care about that. The fifth principle Social Justice in Indonesia is against the corruption. Help Center Find new research papers in: And they should work to help the society. The volume also extended research on innovative areas including managing wounded memory in a post-genocide context, reconciliation and healing, family, language and culture as factors of social cohesion. They don’t even thinking about the people who doesn’t have anything.

And there are people which collect the children by renting them and make the children work for them, being a beggar in the street. Care about your City. Too selfish and just think about their own needs.