Successful completion of the Concentration Proficiency Examination. This typically results in a postponement of the written qualifying examination and deferment of dissertation enrollment; the student must also retake the hearing prior to the next scheduled examination date. In serious cases, the composition division chair may be involved in this meeting with the student. No later than the Monday prior to the scheduled jury, each eligible student will submit a portfolio for review by the faculty. How is the practice implemented for a student who does not register for two semesters as unexcused? How is the success grade calculted to enter Doctorate Programmes? No later than the Monday prior to the scheduled hearing, each eligible student will submit a portfolio for review by the faculty.

Parts formatted for easy page turns should be printed in booklet form folded and stapled in the middle on 11xinch, 70 or 80 paper. Argumentative essay on police body cameras. Present a range of possible examination dates to all members of the examination committee; students should be as flexible as possible in this matter, as coordinating several faculty schedules will be difficult. Although the content of the final document may vary widely, it is expected that the work be of significant scope and substance, reflecting a level of quality and originality commensurate with the appropriate degree. The senior recital program should adequately demonstrate the diversity of the student’s composition portfolio. Thesis study has no credits.

It is recommended that students correspond with committee members by e-mail to facilitate scheduling. Second week of classes each semester: The plan includes at thrsis input, general information, methods, results and interpretations, conclusions and recommendations sections should be the main topics.


Any presentations on campus are to be coordinated in consultation with the major professor and the composition division chair.


The following materials must be filed with the composition division chair, preferably within one week following the senior composition recital: Recommendation of composition mahual following jury review. The score is to be printed double-sided onto 70 or 80 paper, with a card stock cover, and bound using comb or spiral methods for easy page turning.

They can apply on the designed dates regarding the advertised quota. However, the last stage of writing the text takes shape. Undergraduate composition majors must meet with the academic advisor each semester until the first 60 hours of coursework are completed.


The length of the written document for the master’s thesis will be dependent in part on the scope of the original composition; those who choose to write an extended artist’s statement or analytical program note should consult with the major professor and members of the advisory committee for guidance.

The students of doctoral program who finished their 8th Semester in Education year have to pay TL for a semester.

fbe thesis manual

Upon approval by the major professor and advisory committee, the Final Document Proposal must be approved by the composition division chair before being submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies in Music for approval by the director theeis graduate studies.

The proposed senior recital program: This minute oral examination, administered by the composition division chair, is in two parts: These hearings are typically scheduled during the second week of classes in the fall and spring semesters; a schedule will fbd posted on the composition division bulletin board and website at the beginning of each semester. Conversion to these languages will be made in line with the equivalence table of YOK. How to build small business plan.


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Also, the students may retake the courses at which they were successful to increase their grade point average with the decision of board of institution. Users should always be considerate and accommodating of the needs and schedules of others.

Fulfillment of Performance Requirement. UNT College of Music logo. The qualifying examination consists of two parts: Students who succeed in the thesis defense examination must submit the following documents to the Institute within one month after the latest defense examination.

Research papers on group theory. Documentation of performances of original compositions e. The applicants who do not make their registration in time forfeit their rights of being student.

How many people is PHD jury made up? MUCP, MIDI realizations may be used in exceptional cases.

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Therefore, applications will be prioritized according to the following criteria: What are the necessary conditions in thessis to graduate from Doctorate Programmes? In which stage is registration made for Seminar and Term Project Courses?

fbe thesis manual

The theeis composition portfolio must include at least six substantial works that reflect a variety of media, forms, and techniques, including at least one of each of the following: You can view the guiding thesis template.