The number of papers that comprise this style of these will be determined between the student and the advisory committee. When uploading your thesis, please keep in mind the following criteria: Copyright permission and Ethics approval. Students should consult with their Advisor or Graduate Chair regarding time to completion. The entire thesis or practicum must be in the same text font, style, and size. Font size should be no less than 12 pt Times Roman.

The following thesis structure is mandatory: Students should consult with their Advisor or Graduate Chair regarding time to completion. Your thesis will be added to the approval queue and reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Departures from these norms may render a thesis or practicum unacceptable for either the Libraries of the U of M or Library and Archives Canada. At this time, compare your final thesis to the thesis format checklist and sample pages.

If necessary, you may submit a fully detailed request, through your faculty coordinator, to the Board of Studies to postpone submission of your thesis.

You must take the exam within 30 days from the day the examiners are appointed. This applies to images, diagrams, or statistical tables, as well as to written material, and materials or information from Internet sources.

About the thesis defense The Board of Studies will appoint two examiners who will test you on the subject of your thesis, as well as your general knowledge in the field of your studies.

The original signed forms are kept in the student’s file. You will then be able to submit your thesis. The information should be written so that a competent researcher can replicate your results based on your protocols.


fgs thesis guidelines

In fact, each draft of guideines document may be separately protected by copyright. After the exam on your thesis and approval of the corrections, you are required to submit to the FGS the final version to the Feinberg Graduate School. Financial assistance received to conduct the research should be included here.

If your research involves human or animal subjects, ethics approval forms must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, but not included in your thesis file. Introduction The Introduction chapter should review and summarize the current state of knowledge in your field in terms of scientific literature, raise questions, and note mistakes or possible gaps in this knowledge.

It guivelines strongly suggested that you submit the forms in person so that any omissions or corrections to the forms can be made at that time.

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Return to page content. The title page should contain the following information: In the Board tbesis Governors and Senate approved a policy on accepting research grants from outside agencies. In general, the practicum takes the form of an exercise in the practical application of knowledge and skills.

fgs thesis guidelines

This policy defined the right of agencies to defer release of information and thus ensure freedom of publication for research findings of University personnel. Your thesis should be written in English except for students of Science Teaching.

Final submission

The original letter of the approval from the REB should be kept by the student. A formal method of evaluation at a time specified by the Advisory committee. A description of the purpose or significance of the text or image should also be provided. Submission of Final Copy of the Thesis and Practicum.


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Ask a colleague to flip through the pages, looking for anything that is displaying oddly: Return to primary navigation. See the Academic Integrity page for more information on ethics approval. Table of contents List of abbreviations Any abbreviation used more than once should be included in this list. Signatures – Please note tuesis due to privacy regulations, electronic thesis files must not contain any signatures.

Results This chapter must include a full description of the results obtained in your thesis work including results that you have already published in scientific papers. This must be taken into consideration when meeting a thesis submission deadline. Download forms for electronic thesis submission: The practicum differs from the thesis in its emphasis on the application of theory; however, it is similar in scope, span, and rigor.

This situation may arise in two circumstances which are defined below and both of which are governed by the same set of regulations. thesiss

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All figures, illustrations, photographs and drawings must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and be accompanied with a title. The permission email or licence provided by the copyright holder should be retained by the guiddlines indefinitely. Copyright permission and Ethics approval.